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finally AD under their own site Vagaa network to make money: is not vagaa movies, oh, ha ha.

two, how to do a better job of marketing

1. The division of shares

1 looking for project

according to their own level and ability to choose the project, do not blindly imitate others, you do not necessarily line.

4 improves

therefore, it can be said that the division of shares will directly affect the direction of the Future Ltd and the ownership of the company’s controller. I have always believed that only the founder can make the company go further, so in order to control the company, we must pay enough attention to the division of shares. Through the actual situation of the team, combined with the company’s development strategy to divide shares, this approach is scientific.

as a start-up company, the problems to be faced are endless and unpredictable. The founder put the mentality, and continue to recruit talent available after start-up companies should do what adjustments in order to survive in order to achieve long-term development in the fierce competition in the society? For this problem is inevitable. Next, the author will do some analysis on how to share division, do startups need to pay attention to product marketing and corporate financing in the process, the hope can give you some inspiration, so as to realize the strategic goal of the long-term development of the company.

as many items, you basically understand the model, so do other different projects, according to their own experience to improve. Patterns can be copied, but operations are not necessarily specific to each project. So it’s time to think carefully about the strengths of yourself and others, as well as the detailed analysis of specific projects.

network has a bad quality, that is, copying is serious, and it is difficult to copy. So when you see a good money making project, you can do it by copying it. For example, do shlf1314 Adsense money, see other people hang up on the website, you can also hang. See all in doing UUSee network TV download promotion, you can also push. You can do it when you see Adwords+CPA+CPS products making money.

information is valuable, and the information is also time sensitive. So, to see more well-known sites or predecessors in what to do online money making project, there is more to see shlf1314, Adsense, sh419 promotion theme such as advertising. Since others have been advertising, then this project must be profitable. Therefore, we should change the views of online advertising, we can not be disgusted, but the source of information access.

first of all, when you really set foot on the establishment of the company at that moment, you must not be a person, you must have a very good team. The importance of the team, it is known to all, we do too much to say. What we want to discuss is how to divide the shares of the company, so as to ensure the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the company. I believe that the division of shares should not only take into account the problem of team cohesion, but also should take into account the long-term development of the company. First of all, to ensure team cohesion and combat effectiveness, which is the foundation, but also in any case should do. Second, we should consider how the corporate finance and the shares of the financiers will be divided in the future. The share of the founder must have an absolute advantage, so that the Finance Companies’s control is in the hands of the team no matter what the future holds. Taking into account these factors, the division of shares and ownership is scientific, in order to achieve the greatest extent the company’s long-term strategic objectives of sustainable development.

as for the reality of the promotion, walk in the street, a little bit up, you can see, you can do some summary, you can get different

2 election project

has found the N project, and then you have to analyze the project. Some projects require people with specific resources and technologies to do it, such as clicking on advertisements, cheating, selling products, etc.. Do not rule out the project, there is the problem of aging, there is a lot of money network project is timely, as an advertisement is offline or no profit space such as Firefox, you don’t need to enter. Eliminate what can not be done and what is not worth doing, and the rest is to analyze the level of competition. The project profits also competitors, the so-called profiteering place is a galaxy of talents.

3 executes

marketing, we can simplify it for promotion, but it is not limited to general promotion. So, how do you do the marketing work for startups? That’s the problem and problem that every startup has to face. Marketing, and now the channels are diverse, and now no doubt is that the Internet belongs to the times. For many start-up companies, funds are limited, human resources are limited, so how to make good use of the limited resources to create the maximum benefit value? The Internet with this line in the reality of the marketing can learn, after all, as start-up companies, how to use the least resources to get the maximum the return is our desire.

some projects need to be done ahead of schedule, some projects need to be done quickly, and some projects need to be done step by step. For example, shlf1314 Pack spread abroad, you must determine whether after promotion in other places, this is too early to grasp the information, when the product line is waiting for money, while others are just getting started, when the competition of no value to the flash out.

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