shlf1314 Adsense the realm of cheatingShare from Taobao to customer rebate network development exper


guest was born in 2009, is a new industry and Taobao are inseparable, basically are young people, Taobao customer operation mode is simple, without cost, as long as the master of promotion skills, you can start anywhere on the internet. With Taobao customers more and more, more and more intense competition, and one part of Taobao – turned rebate network.

      but soon shlf1314 Adsense developed a set of methods to analyze through the proxy server click, so if you are still so dry that it is too outdated, but also too dangerous.

what is the rebate network, in short, is a kind of online shopping transaction intermediary network, online shopping transactions through the rebate network, the seller delivers the promotion expenses the trading of goods returned to the rebate network, the rebate network in a portion of the return to trade buyers. Here I tell you how to change from Taobao customers to do rebate network, and experience summarized to share with you. If the views and cognitive errors, please understand more, I am also a novice, bird level.

with the rapid development of e-commerce, online has become a hot topic in electronic commerce. A while we’re going to talk about today is the higher types, Taobao customers.

one, contact Taobao

      3; encourage click

      according to the present situation we observe, we can divide the cheating methods of shlf1314 Adsense into the following categories according to the level of the realm:

      this way the worst effect is not to earn what money, if a single point or by myself every day is limited to a few friends to click on ads, your income is over $100, is estimated to be several months. Unfortunately, the accounts were stopped when they were paid for themselves, because such cheating was too easy to spot, especially through long term data analysis.

through proxy server


      this is the most ignorant of practices, but also the most beginners like to take. Common cheating is to click, change IP, click, or let friends click.

2, mass advertising, then add a variety of group, directly in the group, the group was T, and later learned to each member of the group in the advertising, remember the tired hands are weak. Later, too many groups, resulting in as long as the line, will crash.

1, go to the major forums post, not afraid of deleting posts, not afraid of downstairs curse, as long as the thick skinned, deleted in the hair.

      1; click

two, transition period

on these 3 stupid methods, I insist on sitting down every day. Every night after 2, and then shut down to sleep, second zenith panda eyes to go to work…. Many beginners in the first month of low income, or 0 income, the author’s first monthly income broke through the 300 yuan mark. Now in retrospect, it is really a thousand regrets ah, in the absence of Web sites, no software case, relying on pure hand promotion to earn the first pot of gold Taobao customers.

, the author is 2010, began to contact Taobao passengers, and the beginning of the author will not stand, had to simply take Taobao promotion chain naked battle. At that time, Taobao competition has not been so fierce, and promotion methods are not as good as it is now, full of tricks, basically the traditional 3 methods of promotion. PS: actually, these methods are very useful now

      there are many ways to encourage click, such as advertising close to the unlimited download link, or use the lure of the picture to mislead users; have some more advanced, such as click advertising to become a registered account or download the software, click on the ads can increase the integral etc.. Using traffic in Chinese spam or SEO leads to the destination site, and then causing delays also belongs to this type.

      this is the way to cheat once effective, but also shlf1314 Adsense first released by the most cheating, of course, there are a lot of people use, which is obviously cheating method.

      the members of the shlf1314 Adsense anti cheat team want to say something like: "I hate you guys who are cheating, and I don’t have any technical content at all.". Putting shlf1314 on the Adsense is a technical activity. Don’t assume you can just get a few pages and throw in the code. The check will come.

3, go to sh419, NetEase, Sohu build blog, and then write blog every day, for promotion. Later, I did not adhere to, but the effect is still there, it is better than the front.

because of work reasons, the middle of a period of time was forced to abandon Taobao off work, but after half a year later, in 2011, the author from the foreign employment when it was discovered that Taobao customers very fierce, the traditional promotion method basically has no effect, the blog is not connected in the post with Taobao, so on the promotion of 3 months after.

      even cheating, there is a level of difference.

      2; cheat

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