Site turned online traffic volumeFemale college student Song Yadan, Taobao open shop, earn 3 million

network to long-term channel construction and development for the absolute industry began to get involved in or is officially enter the e-commerce market, from the perspective of Internet based services, is a strong signal to the industry, the peer is a stimulus for some enterprises had not direct competition to say, may mean a huge competitive potential. For example, the new network independent shop may pose a threat to taobao, the new shop the appeal is likely to attract in those who are already or will soon become the climate climate in the Taobao of course, including those who had no desirable platform settled merchants.

08 years in March, she kept from her parents, with the cost of living from the savings of 300 yuan,

in 2005, Song Yadan was admitted to the Zhejiang Forestry University furniture design specialty. In the first two years of college, when she was free, she went to the tailor’s shop near the school to see the tailor making clothes and following them the art of tailoring.

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Song Yadan bought a batch of cloth at the Sijiqing cloth market. Immediately, she began to design girls’ clothes according to their own ideas.

Song Yadan’s first business was at school. When the clothes were changed, the students thought they were very beautiful and encouraged her to sell the changed clothes and shoes. On one occasion, the school did a campus internal market, she put their own modified clothes, shoes sold out, "I did not expect, after the modification of clothing, particularly good sell."."

normal life, she is also very silly: just bought the shoes she just want to add some pattern, in order to increase the sense of beauty; she has to be modified according to their own preferences to buy clothes; students bought clothes, she will help the students change.

Song Yadan was born in 1987, she graduated from the Zhejiang Forestry University College of Engineering College of furniture design; by 2008, living expenses 300 yuan of funds saved, to the market to buy a batch of cloth Sijiqing cloth, a year for college students in the millionaire.

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online trading options are not many,


is likely to create another "Taobao"? In fact, for most business users, they do not require time-consuming to build a Taobao as the integrated network trading platform, they just need to be a prominent position, their products placed on the Internet such as, can lead people interested and have the transaction, many Internet users of such demand, which leads to a personalized Internet show.

the domestic e-commerce market in recent years is developing like a raging fire, in addition to Taobao but basically no climate of the enterprise, and at the same time for the user, but also a lot less choice, too centralized management mode is also a lack of individual challenges, accordingly, we need to provide personalized e-commerce service enterprises. The new online shopping template will allow users to easily build independent online stores and directly face consumers. Wang Jian, general manager of the new network, said: "the new network already has a higher level of Internet infrastructure services.". Not only do we provide bricks and mortar, we can also provide standardized finished products. Our judgment is based on the understanding that the Internet is a revolution in human efficiency, and that it is essential

communication and trading are the two greatest attributes of the internet. At present, many netizens also attribute but using the Internet in communication, Internet users access to information, information transmission and sharing of information through the Internet, Tencent and happy net business website is on behalf of the enterprise Internet information exchange. In the field of Internet transactions, the current domestic only Taobao thriving, occupy the vast majority of network trading market share.

Song Yadan said: "Xiaodaxiaonao easy, really want to make clothes, it really is not small. Rulers, scissors, sewing machines, none of these basic tools. At that time, I was really big. Later, the owner of a laundry near the school was willing to provide sewing tools free of charge

as China’s largest Internet based service provider, the new network from today 26 from the official launch of the terminal customer market, providing end customers with exchanges and transactions personalized application platform. At the same time, the new online shopping mall has been developed to provide customers with a wide range of different styles of choice. At this point, the new network, originally silent cultivation of domestic domain name registration services leading enterprises also from behind the scenes to the stage. In addition, the new network also from now on for 100 college youth entrepreneurship of talent, set the network presented a domain name, email and website space necessary entrepreneurial platform, hope they with their wisdom, using the new network platform, take off your career.

‘s small success inspired Song Yadan’s idea of starting a business. At the end of March 2008, telling her parents, will be 300 yuan, usually from the cost of living in the province down case-dough as start-up capital, in Hangzhou Sijiqing cloth market to buy a batch of cloth, started by his idea to design clothes for sale.

initially wanted to earn a living fee of

after she changes clothes at school Taobao market appeared, was immediately looted, the first attempt success, let Song Yadan very excited. After some consideration, "I just make a few more skirts and earn some living expenses."." She did her business on Taobao.

Song Yadan told reporters: "I designed the first dress is a skirt, a Lace Chiffon Skirt, is a lovely romantic princess style."." I grew to love the doll sewing all kinds of clothes, after college love modified in new clothes, new shoes or draw some beautiful patterns, unexpectedly, her classmates saw these little things turn out "all cried out," they can come up with to sell

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