How should new stationmaster do when facing website traffic to reduce day by dayThe 8 founders talke

I created, the team has a very great creative, dedicated to encouraging the sustainable use of objects. If we can contact some of the crowd were tracked for the sustainable use of the small object frequency, such as mineral water bottles used to refill with water use, reusable bags, etc.. We can build a kind of culture, let the people around that sustainable use is common. Not only is to change our habits, and we believe that the sustainability of the game will be a crucial element. About sustainable education is a key element. At the same time, we believe that the social sharing is also important. When we think there are a lot of

throughout the site now, numerous types of search websites, business website, shopping website, forum website, movie website and software website, dating websites, educational websites, games and so on many websites, website content is rich and colorful, but whether all types of websites to attract people? Whether all types of the site can be daily traffic overflowing? Whether all the website can run for a long time? The answer is negative, there is no absolute thing. The website trend in recent years, the unhealthy website we do not speak, the main types of Web sites are mainly search sites, movie website, shopping website, forum site, dating sites, gaming sites and other types of sites, perhaps summary was not very comprehensive, but this is my Internet experience several year. Search sites, such as shlf1314, sh419, I believe we all used, are not unfamiliar, the daily traffic that is scary horror online movies; TV series, this is the first thing that has many users opened the computer website love to do the most, but also the people of reform and opening up to solve the problem of food and clothing. The spirit of enjoyment; with the rise of Alibaba and taobao and other shopping sites, online shopping is becoming popular, a new era of Internet online shopping if you don’t, then you really out. Now China has hundreds of millions of Internet users, online shopping will have accounted for more than half, the average daily traffic of more online shopping website amazing; more and more resources, how to achieve mutual exchange and sharing of resources, it is thanks to the forum, the forum we can interact and share resources through post replies, share good resources will attract people, of course, more flow; with the popularity of the TV dating programs, dating sites also began to rise, make friends everyone love things, especially the opposite sex friends, friends in the network even if not for the friends, can also see hotties, no one should not love looking hotties right; the game from the past to the present, almost never neglected, basically everyone played the game, especially in today’s online games, web games, do not download Can play, of course, the daily traffic will not be less.

if we try to do this project, we will first social media training for enterprises, and then put forward the risk hidden behind those and risk mitigation plan. But this time, we must ensure that our product or service has been very mature and then into the operation of the market, so that users do not need to explain our very love this product, service. – Benish Shah, Vicaire Ny

2. we enter the market early

has good websites, good resources, good domain names and so on. But the website has very little traffic. What is the reason for the "fly" every day? We don’t promote it

had a more prosperous, more and more developed network, the website is more and more dense, various types of sites are not healthy are healthy. First of all, we don’t care what the websites are, but what we need to know is how about the average daily traffic of those websites?. The average daily flow of many sites is how to do? Daily traffic is very poor, what is the cause? This is the new webmaster must face, but also new Adsense must learn. Analysis of these problems, we should start from 4 aspects of analysis, identify the causes, overcome traffic barriers.

Council YEC of the 8 successful founder, ask them to share their first companies to create failure – and how they did

if I re create this company, I will focus on the root of the problem and encourage sustainable behavior, but only from one aspect. Now we see many companies to enter this field, but each company is focused on one point. So, a Create Company, to focus on one point, and then seek expansion. Aaron Schwartz, Modify Watches

reason two: promotion problem

1. we did not focus on one point

reason 1: site type

?We had an interview with Young Entrepreneur


3. we have good cash flow.

The first company


failed, this is very common in the body around the founder of a startup on things. In Silicon Valley, it has almost become an honor. But according to statistics, failure of the venture company or a terrible data, what is the reason that these poineering companies really failed? What lessons can we get from

my first company failed because at that time was just a very creative prototype early to enter the market. We want to help people understand the risks of social media in the enterprise level. But we did not expect is that people in these enterprises still do not know what social media. So we need to spend a lot of time for people to explain what social media, no chance for us to explain what we really want to do.

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