Part of the dating sites illegal profiteering, take matchmaking earn trafficHow to maximize visibili

are those that are most likely to attract visitors to notice and take up most of their time.  

is moving, so make sure your ads follow the content. Take a closer look at the design and layout of the web page and identify the places most visitors can see,


for them " too dazzling " and by the viewer ignored.  

here are some tips to help you get this click rate.  

        violators have been included in the monitoring

The real advertising positions for


, like I said, you want to put ads on the subject that attracts viewers, not where no one can see them. Visitors to the site will follow content

                                                              & nbsp;

5.1 : where do you put them?

        according to the first national network marriage survey, there are currently more than 7 of the respondents think that increase the opportunity to make friends through the Internet, more than 8 people can accept complete marriage of love in the process through the network.

marked these places as possible ads.  

; when more and more people through online dating sites "marriage", few of them know that these sites are not qualified to provide matchmaking service. Reporters learned yesterday, in order to obtain profits as soon as possible, some dating sites frequently ultra range of operations, and even a few of the special behavior to earn social insight. For those who are not in the dark, they not only pay a lot of money, but even disclose their privacy.

        business opportunities lead to a swarm of people

position is everything. If you don’t see the audience in the first place, even the most beautiful advertisement in the world is a blank sheet of paper. But after so many times,

really intends to map ", rather than blind click through rates.  

        most do not have matchmaking qualifications

determines the reader’s reading patterns. What attracted them first? What makes them click?

5.2  move with

        but this does not prevent these sites under the banner of "making friends", privately or openly carry out matchmaking business. A "Diamond bachelor marriage network" days before had held up 28800 yuan tickets rich collective marriage. Lin Kewu, deputy director of the marriage registration administration of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, pointed out that the matchmaking activities held by her marriage bureau are not in accordance with the scope of their business licenses, and are illegal activities.

        prediction shows that by 2008, China’s online dating market will reach 653 million yuan. No one knows how many dating sites are in Shanghai, but sh419 will find at least a hundred or more.

once they are captured by these interesting content, it is possible to read and click on relevant advertisements. This is exactly what shlf1314 needs; "

        marriage registration management office director Zhou Jixiang told reporters that the day before they had and the relevant departments jointly, on a suspected foreign marriage "word-of-mouth network" of the investigation.

        on a website, a "love development" training costs marked as high as 58800 yuan. An industry source told reporters, if you rely on membership fees, dating sites and not much profit. If you want to make money, you must use stimulating activities to attract people to participate."

        most dating sites are registered in industry and commerce with "Network Technology Co., Ltd.". There is no "marriage introduction" in the approved scope of business.

in fact, shlf1314 has provided a " for us; image ", it can help us to do this work more efficiently.  

‘s shlf1314 Adsense is released, I want to tell you that the most visible location doesn’t always mean the best. In fact, probably because of

you can skillfully use graphics, tables, and other layout tools to create several " on your web page; ", to attract visitors.  

        "the state law expressly prohibits engaging in foreign marriage service." Zhou Jixiang pointed out, "at present, >

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