Talk about how to get big traffic to do SkyDrive download moneyThe concept of Web site traffic stati

1, select easy to upload, easy to download, relatively high price of SkyDrive. It’s fundamental to making quick money.

3, released every day seed file, early test a week a week to see how much profit, if beyond the ordinary Wangzhuan can continue to do that.


Chengren forum to know very popular fire, the daily traffic in the tens or even hundreds of thousands or more, the posts, there are a lot of people to download your file, but your file must be enough to attract top Langyou title, enough temptation, pictures are exciting, as long as your seed is not the kind of people see the old things, then there will be a lot of people to download. At the same time, a lot of new posts as long as one, not only in this forum will be downloaded, and reproduced by many netizens to other forums, such unconscious on the formation of a viral marketing promotion effect. Therefore, the current SkyDrive download money is basically seen in the Chengren forum post to get a lot of traffic, this post will not be moderators to delete, and the moderator will thank you for posting. If your post is good enough, moderator to your desktop, the traffic is rushing to. In this way, the dollar will soon make money.

OK, we can try, specifically what SkyDrive download can make money, you can sh419, a lot of, comprehensive comparison, select a few good SkyDrive try it. This article by the Qingdao Wedding Network http:/>

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

4, making a simple and easy to download graphics and tutorials, because many people will not be similar to foreign SkyDrive download, so we have to teach you how to download.

recently discovered SkyDrive download more fire to make money, compared to traditional Wangzhuan, like the registration task, voting class, class Wangzhuan Wangzhuan hook and so on, SkyDrive seems to download money faster, also more simple. SkyDrive relies heavily on large traffic to download money, which is more common in some foreign SkyDrive, where users download just one file and usually make subscribers earn 0.0001 or 0.001 dollars. But this is US dollars, which is always worth more than rmb. Which is the key to get the download SkyDrive money flow, in fact, careful if you often hang out in the Chengren forum would you should see some pictures or video download address, the address point in general to stay for a few seconds or a few minutes, and then enter the verification code, it is different from the usual when we download files directly you can download. Like these files, as long as we downloaded, the users of the upload file is profitable, he earned $0.0001, so accumulated. Maybe you think the price is too low. Can you make a profit? But personally think it should be good. Why?

2, upload seeds new enough, title attractive enough to induce more users to download your seed, which is the key to maximum traffic.

website traffic statistics basic meaning:

?? website traffic statistics, refers to the relevant indexes of website access statistics, website traffic statistical indicators commonly used include three categories: 1 independent website traffic index, the number of users, as in certain statistical period the total number of users to the web site, web browsing, the number of each user the number of page views; 2 user behavior indicators, such as user search source website, user’s engine and keywords, at different times of the traffic situation; 3 the user to browse the site, such as the name of Internet users, the user’s browser type and version, the visitor computer resolution display mode.

?? the basic meaning of website access analysis:

?? the website access analysis sometimes use "traffic analysis", "traffic statistical analysis", "website statistical analysis" and other similar concepts, refers to the condition of obtaining basic data of the website traffic statistics, related data statistics and analysis, found that users visit web site from the law, and combine these rules and network marketing strategy, so as to find out the possible problems of the current network marketing activities, and provide the basis for further modification or re enactment of network marketing strategy.

?? thus, site traffic statistical analysis and site visit different levels belong to the same problem, their contents are different, also determines the form and means are different, accordingly, the network marketing management functions are not the same.

?? why should discuss the statistics and analysis of website traffic difference

?? on site traffic statistical analysis of value, the new competitiveness of a number of articles involved in the report on the network marketing program, such as the analysis of site traffic statistics analysis of online store management, online store value method to improve customer loyalty, the website traffic statistics value has not been fully aware of the enterprise management personnel. FAQ and statistical analysis report on the website, also focuses on the analysis of the website traffic statistics function.

?? on a number of foreign research institutions have confirmed the site traffic statistical analysis for the effect of network marketing value, but in the network marketing management practice, statistical analysis to access the site is far from the role play. According to the new understanding of competitiveness on the part of the web, and even some several years of operating history and a certain scale of the website also rarely benefit from site traffic statistical analysis, some sites even never visit the website for data analysis, more sites are just to see changes in traffic, or at best a general idea about the visitor the sources, such as through the search engine has brought the number of users, and users mainly use the keyword search and what came to the site etc..

The actual

SkyDrive download money making advice:

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