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Luo family: some exaggeration, the family just have relatives is one of the founders of the first generation of China information security company, so grew up around. Elementary school began to study network security technology, reverse through the CIH virus, modified with WPE game packet, using Softice dynamic debugging software cracking, and gradually began to love this industry.

reporter: ask Luo Zong to introduce the safety research that he was engaged in at that time.

a few days ago, several 90 students my friends to participate in the overseas colleges and universities information platform "the largest Internet education service platform owned by Chegg Zinch China" a micro-blog poll, the selection of their minds, the worship of science and technology Idol ", more than 5 thousand 90 students scattered all over the world students express their attitudes towards" technology Idol "by voting. Eventually, Mark, Zuckerberg, Robin Li, Bill Gates and other tech leaders became the top three in the voting list.

Shanghai Songjiang, a cafe, at two o’clock in the afternoon, when Luo Qing basket came through the door on time, it seems the entire cafe are a lot of cold air.

talking about "technology Idol", my small partners on the road of entrepreneurship generally believe that "Idol" is not a distant object of worship, but has a common experience of pioneering predecessors. For example, Robin Li, a pioneering entrepreneur, seized the opportunity of Zuckerberg and popularized the standardized Bill Gates of the operating system. Looking at the domestic 90 entrepreneurs raging like a storm, I have a I want to write about this group of overseas buddy impulse, although they are 90, but overseas background, so that they may be the story and domestic are not the same, but the same is dedication to the dream and insist on.



: a comparative study of love, began to reverse my personal technology, wrote a number of security tools in Xiaofeng Ju released, estimates that few people remember the name of the site now, ha ha. Then there is a domestic hacker magazine named the "hacker defense", their editor Wu Tianfeng WTF was found in me to write some articles, later I became a contributing author of black anti, a much better understanding of the circle of friends, then especially honored to enter the industry.

reporter: I see, material introduction, Luo total in 2005 in the anti-virus field has won a number of awards, is often called genius boy, high school won the entrance qualification,

has over thirty years of age, still full of passion with your spirit. Business for decades, he preferred to call themselves as white veterans. Now " white hat " this group by the media on public opinion in the teeth of the storm, he still choose at voice. He said, in an era of a group, always need someone to stand up, stand there, hold on.

for Wang Yin, studying abroad is for the sake of love, "curve save the nation."". To read English at home before MBA, Wang Yin secretly made 2 years of occupation eSports players. Because love online games, parents once wanted to send him to addiction school, accept withdrawal. Junior year Wang Yin courage and parents to discuss business plans, ideas of traditional parents rebuffed "gaming" of this "Wei"

recently the Internet circle is really not calm, can be said to be 90 entrepreneurs scraper. Chen Anni, who wrote comics last week, painted Yu Jiawen last week with micro-blog, "I’m sorry, I’ve only lived 1%", brushing our screens again and touching countless onlookers.

Ronaldo: overpraise, was his junior high and high school, basically did not how to learn all the time, every night of network security. At that time, unlike now, network security is not a lot of laws and regulations, so that I feel really very free, such as the famous Win2000 RPC overflow, basically do not write a exploit can enter any human machine. So then >

talking about "technology Idol", my small partners on the road of entrepreneurship generally believe that "Idol" is not a distant object of worship, but has a common experience of pioneering predecessors. "Those who boast a powerful and unconstrained style annoying", maybe not the last mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, Kwame to Haikou, publicity of wayward entrepreneurs, but with real skills, the deep internal strength "astepping-stone to success" as more sincere business people.


, an overseas student who has studied in the UK for three years, will be 23 in 10 days.

stepping on the tail of 80s, driving the first bus born in 90s, I was surrounded by my classmates and friends. When I talked to them in depth, I found that their attitude towards entrepreneurship seemed more rational and mature than the rumors, and the cult of "entrepreneurial Idol" was not blind.

"Internet addiction patients" Wang Yin: its mediocre, better toss

reporter: Luo total Hello, I see material introduction, said Luo was born in the family of information security, research security for nearly 20 years, but also regarded as China’s early generation of information security enthusiasts and practitioners.

Shanghai in August, with the air difficult to resist heat, all things are because of the burning sun and become soft.

and vulnerability bank founder and CEO Luo Qing basket some talk, talk about entrepreneurship, talk about investment, talk about ideals, talk about life. But he was talking about, he is still the white spirit look up to as the standard.

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