Give O2O entrepreneurs some cold water, be careful of the destruction of capitalsh419 space ranking

2 and space station http://s.22.5d6d

introduction: only the calluses, can be worth all the impetuous and industry cycle.

people often ask me these days: "want to have a O2O project. Do you think this one is OK?"

1, lure Dance Workshop: www.son

for-profit: this station heard that the best time to make about 190 thousand a month, but then mainly because of GG’s PISACA. At present, it is estimated that profit is a world of difference, can only be registered with some of the mother and Ali maintained. Just looked down, Ali mother does not seem to show, and continue to pay attention to the

and the front method: at least a full collection of content before menstruation, listen to the stationmaster is unintentional but shady. The main station he did was a game station. The whole day was spent on the game station. The station only took a few minutes to pick up the contents of the JIA, but the game didn’t stand up and it got up. At present, the main reason is not even a lot of external. Now webmaster also began to pay attention to content, mining less change more.

for profit: sh419, first video, mother of Ali, and notes

anything hot and hot, followed by a terrible rupture, especially investors speculative mentality too heavy, the killing of hot money is particularly terrible. The rise of the Internet portal in 2000, after the hot people witnessed the collapse of the Internet bubble, many people never leave the Internet did not return at that time, hot money is never throw the Internet, now really Daniel is the field of Internet through the long winter to grow up.

content and front method: the content of this site is mostly modifying the title of other people. It can be said to be an artificial article. The front is mainly a few big sites are connected, you can go to the next, he and the celestial pole, Zhongguancun, X animation, sh419 boutique URLs and some high PR little game site is connected to the title in the name of the space, another reason may be the site open earlier, there are for more than a year.

content and previous methods: YWF site, most of the call FLASH module, a little more original. The site title to write special, have interested friends can study, the main promotion I think his FLASH are not issued in connection to connect with others, it is invisible to others; some of you should be able to see it, he stood on the base of the friendship connection write is behind the title keyword I think, the most important is because of this, the key also follow up.

O2O is really hot. Every day to open the circle of friends, are all kinds of O2O projects melt into the money news, and the amount is very high. What do you think of such a crazy O2O,

can make money? The content of


Internet development for many years, the flow of information to shorten the production enterprises and the touch of the user between the chain, once greatly save the cost, improve the efficiency of the Internet, remember the early experiments about 1999, on behalf of China city level leading Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou held a science fiction means "the survival of the Internet the full":. The Challenger lived in a closed room for three days and three nights, and everything that remained could only be bought through a computer in the room where he could access the internet……

profit: from the current situation, the site profit point is more miscellaneous, click, pop everything. Pre GG income is good, in the current low price of the subordinates, the highest income is estimated that the pop-up, click on the day I can not hear. The alliance with KEY, UNIONSKY, shlf1314 advertising, as a new Union Pacific, listen to the webmaster said one day can Pacific hundred dollars of income, then the main advertising more attractive, the Pacific above promotion pornographic, and now seems to click is not very good.


must be a little older Internet users, this experiment must be deep memory. The miracle we look forward to seeing in our lifetimes is actually the norm for life in a few years.

missed the 80s business, missed the 90s stock soared, missed the twenty-first Century real estate, miss Taobao, missed all this wealth of opportunities, you still bear to miss this wave of O2O making the rich tide? "And under the overwhelming propaganda and brainwashing, if not now open mouth and O2O that does not claim mixed circle in business feel shy.

this round of O2O dagankuaishang rhythm glowed so familiar taste, the tide comes, everyone in, but you have forgotten us to catch the tide of O2O intention: the online world to the real world, let people return to the real life.

O2O, O2O, Cuozao hostesses tickle O2O, massage O2O, online memorial family O2O…… Not only some people think, but also really someone doing, investors are hearing O2O, come up to ask the situation.

I remember when the stock market is can’t help six thousand points, to go out to buy a dish of vegetables of the old man will ask you now what stocks to buy

today got nothing, to write an article on the sh419 space ranked website currently profit method and front cheats, veteran don’t take bricks hit me! I am here only a simple analysis, ask you to dig deep.


but when this "fantasy" finally came true, we discovered: "man"

3, www.son

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