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in September 21st, "2006 China Internet Conference will be held in Beijing, the conference will be the theme of" Innovation — opportunities brought by the Internet, as the General Assembly designated website, exclusive release of the Internet community survey conclusion.

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for providing a virtual image service for community users, 38.7% owners think that "to buy with the virtual image points forum articles" best; 24.6% of the owners can think of "commodity single charge such as each garment charges 1 yuan to 2 yuan".

Internet virtual image such as show highly personalized Internet users reflect a high degree of acceptance, the profit is very promising. Asia

, I’m an Anime fan. I particularly like watching Naruto, and every time I look at the latest Naruto, from October of last year, I can find the advertisement of "Little Ninja". For a year, I searched for dozens of times because of curiosity. You think, in time, I never contact the web game people will pay attention to. Visible, implantable advertising in the promotion of the magic effect. The same reason, micro-blog, although only a short 140 words, but also can become the source of advertising. Give each micro-blog a brief ending or a brief start. As the company logo watermark, imperceptible, you can achieve very good promotion effect. Many advertisers are aware of this and are recruiting micro-blog partners.

told you today about some of the experience of micro-blog’s profits. First talk about his micro-blog, the number of fans around 20, more than 5W, there are two. I have such a number of friends are not in the minority, if you start from now on, master the correct method of operation, to achieve this level, 2-3 months can be. Today’s focus is not on micro-blog’s marketing methods, but on how to make profits through your micro-blog. Your capital has just talked about, of course, there are enough fans, your fans and the number of active fans, have their interests, hobbies, age, class, you have to analyze in advance. With these, you can expand on the following points.

micro-blog has hosted a lot of successful events, such as sending iPhone, which has been copied by countless enterprises. However, how can we get such a great deal of attention now? Of course, the big micro-blog will join us. To produce rapid and group effects of promotion. Suggest you find a few long-term cooperation of the network company, they will regularly hold micro-blog promotional activities for customers, you cheer from it, you will reap great results.

4. promotion website

2. implants ad

promotes the website to need specialized, subdivides the market quite strong micro-blog, for instance movie class’s website, can respond to movie micro


1. makes money by someone else’s micro-blog

is a very fire thing, micro-blog profit for those big bloggers, of course, have some experience of their own, but it is difficult to see how others know, timely operation, not a large number of fans, you can operate the same as any pleasant.

you have a large number of fans, and there are many aspects of your field. Of course, you can get direct benefits by selling fans. Many enterprises are beginning to do micro-blog marketing, and because of the industry restrictions, the content is not widespread, it is not easy to obtain a large number of fans in the short term. And fast fans are what they need. The resources you have become the first element of your earnings.

3. cheer for

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