The 25 day of the new site Wangzhuan experienceShao Jingjiang analyze the business models of adverti

cheating and anti cheating

to draw more owners to join, union must pay higher commissions, which means that their alliance profits will be more and more low, finally forced the league only through the deduction amount to interest, although it is not on the table to get the operation, but for now it is the most feasible means of alliance at present, it has become an unspoken rule of alliance. Everyone in the line knows that it’s just a little more than a deduction, and if any League says it never stops, do you believe


was established at first, sh419 is not included, in accordance with the content is king, adhere to the principle of updating, I have been sending articles every day. After half a month, in April 5th, suddenly included 45 articles, and finally happy. We have a selection of women’s team, is the clothing to have features, or monthly sales of hundreds of thousands, or to the store on the short end of a single foreign trade. As a result of good positioning, posted items began to have commission income, only in April 9th to sell 16 pieces a day, I am pleased. Adhere to update today, the amount of sh419’s collection is also very quickly reached 98. Compared to many master to convert what, and I’m a rookie do so, he has more satisfied.



began to do shellfish cool, because first know the Taobao customers, this help Taobao King treasurer recommended commodity earn commission model attractive. In March 20th the site set up, using the Digg PBdigg program, specifically from the online screening sales or the end of a single foreign trade of Korean women.

do stand for 25 days at the admin5 to master learned a lot of things every day to see the new article, in Admin5 and then to find the PR value high site exchange Links, optimize and update the site keyword density. I believe in a few months, traffic will be greatly improved. With the shlf1314 advertising revenue, there will be more and more income.

Union has a strong customer service team and customer service for the alliance, the real work is a salesman, in the start-up period, customers need every day plus a number of these webmaster webmaster to join, but also to different vendors to negotiate advertising alliance cooperation. In the late stage is the daily K webmaster account number, buckle Adsense money, and at the same time appease webmaster said they are innocent. At the same time, we must ensure that the relationship with the manufacturers to ensure that cooperation can continue.

customer service

the last alliance to ensure their own profits in the last line of defense is through some bad practices in general user code sneaking plugin or dark shells is not easy to be found some illegal means to get a lot of profit. Of course, these aspects of the alliance would be in Shajiquluan, others found a time when the door is the union.



League has a short survival period, perhaps in a few months, after a large advertiser has finished advertising


plugin, dark bomb,

has been an alliance before, and has worked in an alliance. So there’s some understanding of advertising associations. The most common pattern is to go to the Internet to collect some of the remaining advertising and traffic, mainly for personal websites and small and medium-sized enterprise website, these websites because there is no strong flow and profitable brands want to difficult! So there is such demand, they need to find a very low threshold, quick income business model however, advertising is a positive response to the demand! They have tens of thousands of individual website advertising collected and traffic channel total these resources are those ads with large manufacturers! And then distributed to these small stations to do with the difference of profit. Of course, this is only a manifestation of the situation, the real project is still very deep water,

because of the interest driven, there are always those who want to own a group of little smart to get more advertising, so that some webmaster alliance will move crooked brains, find some loopholes in the system, operated by means of cheating. But advertising is not a fool, they want to do this project must have some means to identify these cheating stationmaster, otherwise closed long ago! Therefore, alliance will continue to upgrade the development of anti cheating function, and dare to try to keep more powerful cheating off the hands, which became a permanent game a webmaster alliance with

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