For O2O Entrepreneurs how to build $one billion enterpriseA 26 year old boy’s 3 year history of webm

product guide /shark Stanford University recently launched an entrepreneurship course, taught by the founder of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology. The first day of the course has now been completed…

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1, "you should not go to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, in fact, if you simply want to make money, so there is a lot of simple methods, but if you choose to start, the most important thing is to have out of the ordinary passion, and entrepreneurship should be put in the second."

2. stumbled, trial and error,

in order to allow readers to easily understand some of the essence of the classroom, the author summed up 11 very helpful suggestions, may wish to see what it is:

1. early into rivers and lakes, the first pot of gold

2011, sh419 blocked a large number of Taobao guest website, my station was plucked, traffic fell miserable. With the homogenization of countless sites, my station does not have any reason to allow users to stay. So I started looking for a new industry, a site navigation station, although I try to website interface is very fresh and very beautiful, but the navigation station competition, major stations are behind the Internet gangster, I as a personal small webmaster no advantage. People have browser binding, others have input method, others have sh419, others have security guards. And I, I have only one heart not to know good from bad.

I began to recognize reality and decided to narrow it down and put my sights on my city, Changzhou. Did a Changzhou Group buy Daquan, use API to collect the data of each big group buying website, depend on >

I’m in luck, catching up with Taobao’s final madness. With a pure static Taobao crown shop Daquan procedures to do a station, and then build a shopping recommendation blog with worldpress. Fortunately a blog Taobao custom shop recommended soft article be included in sh419 keyword ", when the November 11th Taobao promotion row to sh419 home third, first suddenly bring tens of thousands of traffic, the Taobao passenger Commission close to 9 thousand yuan, I was in shock, victory came too suddenly, so that virtual hosting once collapse. The web page isn’t open phenomenon has occurred.

in 2010, the first site for the trip was the Taobao site on the rotten street, as a rookie. From the purchase of the domain name, host to the FTP upload is a little bit to learn here, I think I was the epitome of countless small personal webmaster, network code cannot read, network technology has not learned, a little Photoshop, the technical level that will do the website, the reasons for the most is the Internet business chiefs flourishes story to flicker.

has always had an argument that the founders of a startup are very persistent and passionate about their creative ideas. Moskovitz also expressed his views on this point of view. Unless you think if we do not develop this product you can not live, but you know, if your company to survive the most difficult thing, you do not live, but if you really want to get, one way to black, certainly no one will follow you.

actually, the first business course is well worth seeing, whether you want to start your own business trip or have a strong interest in technology.

in Silicon Valley, there are many shortcuts that can make you a millionaire, and if you put ten years into an idea without testing, the risk is very high.

, Altman, and Moskovitz, two, have cited a compelling example of how startups will make money as a major strategy, and the results will certainly not be too optimistic. Moskovitz shows a chart showing that a good person can reach 100 employees in a $one billion company.

Stanford University recently launched an entrepreneurship program, taught by the founder of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology. The first day of the course has been completed, the famous investor Sam Altman in which tells us some secret entrepreneurship in YC incubator, another Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz also made a wonderful speech. Those who teach in Entrepreneurship classes have built billions of dollars in businesses.

2, "what does the world need you to do? If you don’t do what the world needs, do something that the world needs."."

blind luck that I am sure that network too easy to make money, but the good times don’t last long. Second months commission income was reduced to 5 thousand, third months more than 4 thousand…… Six months later, the income into 3 figures, and I have been blind. It’s easy to see that my outburst was pure luck, and I didn’t have anything left after my luck. Just use your quiet mind to study SEO and content construction silently, and this is the most boring thing.

is 26 years old, graduated from university has yet to enter the industry in thirty years of age, 3 years. Among them, I am afraid that nobody knows except the sweets and bitters of life. 2010 graduated from the university to do network editor in a small company, a month after the start of the so-called "quit entrepreneurship", 3 years there were 5 stations have earned had lost the excitement of a lonely, dare not say do webmaster for a lifetime, but also on the permanent identity difficult to let go of the webmaster.

3, "most excellent company will stick to a good idea, or creative, they will often transition, if your company from time to time to transition to, then they wouldn’t be.

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