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is the webmaster can also use the reality in many ways to make money to make money, such as many Daoye way to make money, there is information asymmetry between the two sides through the way to make money! And on the Internet, the information asymmetry is relatively easy to make money, here we come from what is the information asymmetry to start

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you know the so-called asymmetric information is a useful information, but others do not know, but others know that you don’t know, this is the typical asymmetric information, because many factors affect the exchange of information, if you want to achieve a completely symmetric information that is basically impossible!

of course, in addition to some trading products, you can make use of information asymmetry to make money, in fact, many other types of websites are also possible, such as many >

now we come to talk about why the information asymmetry will bring you wealth? We get in front of the sell rape this thing to explain, since some people can spend money to buy a piece of rape, if you go to the wholesale words, may be as long as 5 hair would be able to buy a pound, if the hands of farmers perhaps, as long as 2 cents a pound, once can make use of information asymmetry, can be a few cents a pound of rape to sell a few dollars, the information asymmetry can bring great wealth, and now a lot of garlic ginger your army, these are the use of information asymmetry plus some speculation the price, make up! Some people actually spent only a few cents of the cost is to sell a few dollars, nearly ten times the profits of

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then why is information asymmetry? We give an example of the vegetable market, many people buy the same small rape, some people spend 2 yuan a catty, some people spend 3 yuan a catty, and spend 1 yuan a catty, why is there such a situation? We can explain from two aspects, one is the value of the consumer products this information is not clear, he did not get the relevant information, on the other hand, businesses in the original may sell 2 yuan a pound to sell 3 yuan a pound of the vegetable price, so that some do not know the price of the basic information it spent three yuan to buy this dish, which will bring huge profits! And so on, there are a lot of asymmetric information now, many businesses is the asymmetric information in the

and the Internet are full of information asymmetry, some people in a web site to see the same price is several hundred dollars, and see on another site price is tens of dollars, so how these asymmetric information use, it can give the site to bring great wealth as now! Taobao has been able to make money off is the use of the information asymmetry, while Taobao mall was able to make money, but also the use of the information asymmetry, so long as you take the time to dig information asymmetry profit point, it will be able to earn a good fortune!

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