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4 years ago today, I naively registered a company and tried to do something interesting. In the past 4 years, there have been several transitions, some dreams, and some hopes. I don’t know how exciting or difficult the road ahead is. I just know that I still have a team that works hard to admit defeat and a heart of blood." In June 6th, Yin Sang wrote in his circle of WeChat friends.

especially when he saw that, with their own shows and software development of Mike. Slade, and finally embarked on the management, created a large number of companies including ESPN, a good friend of Jobs, the kind of loss is inexplicable strong, has all of his original lust for comfort, not on the management annoyed. Is it a matter of technical management or continuing to be a programmer?

When the

in 1994, when I had the opportunity to choose a career direction, you can manage technology, you can continue to work as a programmer. I chose to be a programmer because the job was simpler. Today I realized how wrong my choice was, even though I had been involved in many great projects during my 20 years as a programmer. It would be a much better decision if you had chosen the chief technology officer, CIO, vice president of engineering.

The main reason is that the

titanium media note: This is a "one false move may lose the game" story. After 35 years of hard work, programmers realized that the power of programmers was too small. No matter how badly you write a program, it is hard for you to have the power to really change some failed products or failed projects.

is about 20 years ago, I was faced with the intersection of a life. At the time my second companies were going downhill, and we had developed a five year Deltagraph software project for a publisher client, because the other wanted to move to the burgeoning Internet world. I worked as a programmer for 13 years, and for 9 years or so, I was involved with management as a management company.

this article was compiled by titanium media from The Codist blog, Yue Heng / translator, Joyce/ editor.


two years later today, when the fairy tale opened the story is not so good chapter, people just suddenly realized, the original "90 entrepreneurs" is only capital and entrepreneurs in order to

"after 90 entrepreneurship" once became a perfect entrepreneurial story in the excellent situation of entrepreneurship and capital environment. "Genius boy", "overbearing president" and "business genius" seem to be everywhere.

Abstract: if you are a program monkey, you have the opportunity to choose your career direction, you can do technical management, you can continue to be a programmer, how would you choose

February 3, 2016 was a tough day for Yin Sang. When the distance from the Spring Festival a few days, everywhere exudes a reunion festive, but Yin Sang through internal mail announced the project shut down the news. "Writing that letter must have been painful, too, because I’ve been doing it for three or four years. I thought then, that would be a memorial service for myself." Yin Sang later recalled.

I don’t want to take care of these two jobs. Earlier, in 85 to 87 years, my first company not only developed a new electronic reporting software, but also got the software release. I led the company, interviewed by the media, maintained the relationship with investors, and the basic corporate affairs I did, while I was one of the 3 programmers and UI designers of the whole company. By the early 87, when I finally released the product, I was so nervous and excited that I finally got into the hospital. It’s overloaded work to do both leadership and programming at the same time.

I was too young, too naive, and even wrong at the time. Apple Corp returned after a year of Jobs’s return to the Internet Storm

from a certain point of view, it is more like a magnifying glass, young entrepreneurs are the unique characteristics of infinite zoom, become the focus of investors, such as earlier access to the mobile Internet, quickly receive and digest new information, thinking and not sticking to formalities flexible, well versed in the younger generation of new consumer demand. And when some of the entrepreneurs are negatively attached such as magic department stores, super curriculum, etc., this trait in turn becomes the biggest weapon of destruction and may lead to project failure fuse.

Yin Sang’s friend, also called at the time of 90 entrepreneurs face adorable CEO Guo column in the later when talking about the matter firmly to the Tencent said Yin Sang not because of this thing refers to the project shut down was not done, he will continue to start.

today announced the shutdown distance sing has been the past 5 months.

shut down unexpectedly not smooth financing. At that time, Yin sang has reached an agreement with an investment institution in terms, valuation and financing. Only the two sides signed on the investment agreement. Unexpectedly, investors to sing along with cash flow on the grounds of concern, decided to postpone investment, and that time, Yin sang has been confidently purchased a large number of hardware equipment, the remaining cash on the bill spent clean. "Later it turned out to be a judgment error".

that’s true. Now, along with the company, the company has reduced its workforce to more than 170 from the peak of 600, retaining only the core products, research and development, and designers, while continuing to seek financing while achieving profitability.

around 1995, I worked in the Gulf of San Francisco for a year, the latter half of which was at the Apple Corp. Apple Corp seemed to be going out of business at the moment. I didn’t want to see my favorite company fall apart, so I left for Dezhou.


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