Adsense site should be user experience.

five, stationmaster should have the determination to persevere

this problem is the webmaster to face things, speed and stability of a website is very important, so we started to choose space at the same time you should put the stability in the first place, here I recommend the webmaster can choose the space station network flat-share, for browsing the membership is certainly the site speed the sooner the better, the stability of the space should also pay attention to, especially when every night network is very peak, then there cannot be unable to access the situation, so to improve the site access speed and stability is one of our webmaster will do.


Two, keep the home clean 404 page web site

site every day to the webmaster to update and maintenance, this is a must do things every day, although it feels relatively simple but practical operation has many difficulties, because people are inert if you keep doing the same thing to repeat who will feel dull as ditch water every day.

, enhanced access speed and stability of


is the soul of the website website content quality, we have to spend a large part of the time to update the original, I believe that the original web site is many webmaster are headache, now many webmaster is to false original, copy and paste, the website wants to capture the main development rarely does a relatively high degree of difficulty and because of the lack of originality and readability of the content is essential, users would like to see the new content and information, who is not willing to go to see the same content online.

now the webmaster every day is around the keyword ranking, the website included quantity, website snapshot update time to discuss and explore, basically all the webmaster ignored the purpose and mission of the establishment of the website, we are generally in order to be able to give domestic users to provide some necessary information and data, can let users in the process of finding information and data can be more convenient, so today to share with everyone we webmaster how to do the user experience of the website.


is a web site’s home page is the first impression to a user’s browsing, so we can do in the home under a lot of effort, we must first ensure not to have some brightly coloured ads and pictures and the like, and not on the home page to add some Flash animation, we give the first impression is to visit the site visitors browsing very fast, allowing users to look the whole layout of the site is very clean and clear.

a good website must do 404 pages of one of their own, because some inevitably encounter unable to access the page and some dead links, so whether we are standing on the perspective of the user experience in the search engine’s perspective, a 404 page on the site is very helpful.

four, website content and readability of the original

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