A new era of mobile search webmaster love Shanghai Fu can become two development key


as everyone knows, the big opportunities for the mobile Internet has disappeared, and in December 22nd the "love Shanghai search VIP forum, Director Tan also said to be the architect of search, the mobile Internet growth has slowed, entered into the bonus stage.

era, is also facing the user open web pages load too slowly, or even can not open the page. Including the reason, the webmaster technology ability is not enough, can not achieve the optimal loading mechanism, at the same time due to various unexpected incidents, not the first time to detect the complex problem of down server, it will bring great loss to the webmaster.

two, MIP, PV, mobile web acceleration to enhance revenue to improve the clearing of

in addition to information disclosure, the website will lead to protection of vulnerable, hackers steal all users click and browse all kinds of data, as well as a variety of rogue hijacking, obviously users to access your site, they will be forced to jump to the Other Waste website, and these tampering, webmasters are difficult to find in a short period of time above, many problems have been a rough time Internet traffic growth has been facing a question.

in the second half but very focused on user experience, this situation will be more and more forbidden, love Shanghai first made an example, which opened the station station HTTPS, the encryption protocol links, to ensure the safety of users, and then the Jingdong, Taobao, 360 and other companies also follow.

in fact foreign websites in this area has been done a lot of research. Google said its once access speed reduction of 500 milliseconds, then the search volume will drop by 25%, Amazon speed reduced 10>

love Shanghai also said at the conference, which has been on the transformation of HTTPS site active protocol adaptation, based on the full support of technology, make the site to minimize the resource consumption optimization on a great deal of effort, and provides solutions in Haiyun integration, fully for the new era the ANN can Quanfu.

the "love Shanghai search VIP forum, is the love out of Shanghai, industry trends, new Fu opened, the key information for the current owners, has an important reference value.

recently Jingdong 12G user information disclosure, YAHOO 1 billion users of information leakage events once again become the focus of the media, the Internet has always been impossible to guard against hacker attacks.

But this is not

HTTPS, an Quanfu

The traditional

for the webmaster disaster, because this trend in the industry as a whole in forced to a higher quality of user experience, from search engines to the webmaster, will increasingly value the user retention value obtained from IP (New) thinking, change to PV (leaving) promotion thinking.

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