Google update algorithm Penguin 2.1

not long ago, Google released 3 years the biggest update algorithm named "hummingbird", Google in 2010 to improve their search algorithms, and it is named Caffeine (caffeine), but this time Google will upgrade the algorithm called Hummingbird (hummingbird), declared that this is to rethink the page based on the index and ranking.

how to recover from the 2.1 Penguin algorithm in

at the same time, another action Google is Google new algorithm Penguin 2.1 officially released in October 4, 2013, Matt Cutts in the Twitter update news shows: baby penguin algorithm update aristocracy to version 2.1, this algorithm updates about affecting about 1% ".

thank you for your cooperation! The purpose of this update is

many webmaster after seeing a new algorithm to update, often there are so few problems: 1. new algorithm; 2. how to deal with the new algorithm? 3. how to recover from the new algorithm? It is very simple, often official when the release of a new algorithm often through the new algorithm against the exposed object the new algorithm and the new algorithm means, after release, when the owners in the operation site, try to avoid some of the "red line" to touch the new algorithm, so as to avoid the consequences of The loss outweighs the gain.

this paper by Zhang Dongfang in breaking Jun blog (贵族宝贝pzboy贵族宝贝/sem/ /penguin-2-1/: Shanghai dragon), welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

this update should not only check your URL page, also check the inside pages of your website, and check the inside pages of the reverse link. So, if your website backlinks only home URL pages and has no link, you are likely to face punishment.

or major combat web spam and search results in the webmaster by Shanghai dragon cheating ranked ". Unfortunately, even if it is legitimate or through the site if the white hat optimization inspired Penguin 2.1 algorithm, Google also said without hesitation.


algorithm to update the algorithm often has come into effect. So is the latest search results of one of the best methods of the new algorithm, according to the latest search results show the corresponding website keywords, anchor text, external links, website structure and a series of information analysis, analysis of the latest search engine algorithm preferences, next is simple to optimize their websites information.

anyway, this once again updated target anchor text. According to our analysis, this update will affect more than 10% main keywords you set in the ranking ranking.

When the official release

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