Analysis of the grade of drop right novice webmaster see website

for webmasters, the site is like another myself, believe that as many webmaster would do the same thing, that is every morning to look at the keywords ranking, snapshot, included, the chain, why the site is like another? When we see the search results within our expected, we work for the day the mood will be very relaxed, otherwise the day will be very depressed. Especially when we see the site light is K weight was reduced when the taste of heart is really meaningless complete ah. Here I take my own experience for everyone on the site right down the level of analysis, the hope can help some novice webmaster.

itself is not what Shanghai dragon world Master, but today’s absolute is their own personal experience and summarize the knowledge, but also master hope people don’t laugh at me. Well, I in the College of education website optimization GUI door, internal optimization and promotion of the main duty is responsible for the site, two days before the work is smoothly without what unusual, strange things happened on the third day, the morning gate network station GUI included the number has declined but within the normal range, at about ten o’clock when I almost fainted when site:www.***贵族宝贝, included into 1, that is to say only the home page, although I also understand before the site is down right or be K of the situation, but when the storm comes or some cannot resist.

three, love Shanghai serious drop right. The site is serious drop right is directly in K sea, this is my.

two, Shanghai intermediate love right down. Intermediate drop right is called when we site site appears only home, that is to say the search engine only included the home page, other web pages are shielded, but outside the chain, snapshots, keywords ranking is normal, this is in love with the Sea red warning signal issued to us, that will appear on the home page then we have to do is to find and solve problems from the home page, after the previous work can continue, this is the problem, after the author’s efforts finally restored.

: a love of Shanghai website mild right down. The so-called love is mild for the website of Shanghai warned that website optimization excessive or other unfriendly behavior, then he will be mild punishment, a common phenomenon is: the site site is not the first home page, the website included snapshot, and the chain is abnormal, then we have to do is find out wrong places such as excessive or update the optimization keywords excessive accumulation, continue to maintain daily update and the chain construction work, waiting for recovery.


happened to face and find solutions, on the Internet to collect a lot of relevant information on the site right down, finally I would say my station was really serious drop right. Why serious drop right? Because the site right down there are differentiated. (here only to love Shanghai for example)

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