As of Shanghai dragon Er three kind of situations you should have the mentality

I also want to give you a suggestion, is to change your attitude to the website ranking, this sounds may make you feel ridiculous, some people may feel that this is a failure to give an excuse to evade their own. But please listen to the explanation.

we usually only think is Shanghai dragon ER technology is very important, in fact, the technology is on the one hand, as a Shanghai dragon Er has good attitude is more important. Many times we find that why my site in YAHOO, Google, soso search engine keywords can be found, but in Shanghai can not find love, is not love Shanghai to see my site not pleasing to the eye? Before I site in the search engine rankings good, now in sight, if I search engine punishment? We often encounter these problems, in the face of these problems, it is important for us not our technology is good, but we have a good attitude.

two: in the face of the site is K

is for more highlights, as we cannot have the Shanghai dragon Er more slack mentality, when we have a few keywords ranking good, absolutely can not be satisfied, because they don’t know that your keywords ranking will be dropped, if you have the key words enough to replace, then don’t worry traffic to the site’s influence is too big. This strategy is very important in our Shanghai dragon in the competition.

In the traditional

: in the face of a decline in ranking to have a good attitude

to have a good attitude If you

optimization is a type of e-commerce site, or even your own personal website, then you have to have a clear understanding of your site in the search engine rankings or by the flow of the search engine will is not immutable and frozen, they are constantly floating. One day you find your site on the front page of the row, you can be very happy, but never assume it would have been in that position, this is the reality of the problem. As for the drop, may be just the search engine algorithm updates or your competitors to find a new opportunity, you should have a good attitude, analysis of opponents, find out the reasons for the decline in ranking, in order to find the reasons for the decline in ranking in the source.

three: in the face of success can be our attitude

as a successful Shanghai dragon Er, which did not meet the conditions of the site is K. The site is generally not K, unless you use some black hat technology optimization. The so-called black hat is through the use of some means by hiding some means to deceive the search engine. If your site is not because of the use of these methods has suddenly disappeared, so maybe this is caused by the search engine algorithm update. In order to update the site search engine algorithm and improve the user friendly experience regularly competitors emerging, fluctuating site is normal behavior. At this time there is a good attitude to face the site’s ranking is also very important to disappear.

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