Facing the bottleneck of Shanghai Longfeng occupation when will we have the spring

Hello, I am Xie kai. See this title perhaps a lot of people are feeling, the bottleneck of almost every occupation of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon people are hard to avoid, the occupation itself is so, from the rise of Shanghai dragon industry to hot. We always follow the love of Google or Shanghai’s footsteps, rely on love Google or Shanghai live last night and a few colleagues drink, nonsense, talk to the prospects of the US occupation bitter, more and more young people joined the industry, with the pressure of competition. This industry is facing various occupation bottleneck, found in the usual communication, some friends have done a few years of the so-called chain specialist. Of course the salary is relatively hard, I also made a Commissioner of the chain of more than two years, if we do not think how to change, then certainly not many predecessors footsteps. The reason I do not long winded, everything is for money or the future.

step by step, this industry is the changing process of

environmental factors we can’t change, I do the chain specialist in a small network company, may I contact the little knowledge of the industry, the most is to listen to the leaders of a few lines, long down leaders view will become your own. In fact, this is not a good phenomenon, will let you become really well, in this new people’s most outstanding performance, many new friends can not integrate into the occupation, just a day to complete the task amount specified on the line. I want to say is that this is a good occupation, want to point in this industry, people should be more to learn and exchange, QQ group and stationmaster net is a good choice, it can gradually understand the industry. But you will soon encounter the bottleneck of their own, this time to go to study in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, for example: writing, establishment of common sense, to learn these basic skills, the most important thing is to do something to think about, so you will progress very quickly. In short, we should start from their own reasons, too much blame seems to have much effect.

their own reasons we can change

is the bottleneck in Shanghai Longfeng people often feel confused, gradually lose confidence in the industry, and the work characteristics of this occupation is boring, whether the chain construction, or website editor, all day is a matter of repetition. But think carefully what occupation not so? Basically are repeated, I dare not say how long the industry still exist, once love Shanghai or Google algorithm change, then we can go to silently accept, but I think at least ten years will not die. Only Shanghai dragon will be more difficult, the cost will be higher, more often to pay attention to search engine dynamic we do this line of friends, and all day thinking about what moment love Shanghai will completely eliminate the Shanghai dragon, as well as to prepare for the network marketing is our way to learn this. The knowledge is not bad. In the eyes of many, this is a bitter.

regardless of environmental factors, only

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