Love Shanghai included the main domain and with index.html index.php solution

Of course, my home is the default

three: the structure of the website, there is no unified method of online home page, the God given is to unify the home page, the home page is the best place for the absolute path, directly to the main domain name written up. (the beginning I bypass this, finally found a few days or the problem)

home Xenu tool chain detection tool, this love can direct sea search, Download everywhere.

: a space without default homepage, the solution is to set index.html as the default home page, my space is all the default home page is set to index.html

but suddenly one day I found the website www.oruifine贵族宝贝 love Shanghai snapshot shows 2015-2-04, but through the webmaster tools query but display a snapshot of the time for 2015-2-17. then I site my website, found that the first page is the domain name without index.html, included time is 2015-2-14, the second page appeared with the domain name index.html the love of Shanghai snapshot, time is 2015-2-17. and before the weight is 1, now 0, keyword ranking also fell.

two: the chain in other sites made a lot of index.html, I also domain my website, my chain is the main domain name, not index.html

had been set in the browser, input.

said, this also included the domain name and index.html, then a few solutions online, so we have a try.

four: is the direct use of robots to take index.html to disable

love Shanghai also included the domain name and index.html, found that many people are asking this question, some people say that this situation will lead to the website decentralization, is not conducive to the optimization, it was also said that this is not what the relationship. But just take, so I love Shanghai everywhere see resolution.

five: 301 jump, jump to the index.html domain name (because I was white, that I am not

I use the )

I was a white, before the site is from the company website in Dali, then you want to take care of, the source took over.

more than a few solutions can refer to (how to avoid the website home page with index.html lead to weight scattered)

now I want to say is how I found the problem, and solve, because many online methods just said about, there is no detailed steps for us this white, I think it can give detailed steps for good.

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