Analysis of the construction site outside the chain of high quality diversification mode

when the website operation gradually on track, then you should pay attention to the chain optimization on the web page, the reason for this is.

two, operation began to focus on creating the mid chain


three, operating on track to build the chain of

a home page, the chain is the site optimization key early

at this stage is generally longer, is also the focus of the site optimization, in fact the website optimization is to optimize the core content of long tail keywords, the optimization of the column page is to create more from the search engine entrance, also can further enhance the website traffic conversion rate.

The duration of column page

how can better improve the quality of the website chain? Many optimization personnel think leaving the website homepage link on the platform of high weight can be, in this way I believe that only understand one thing, the correct approach should be adopted in the construction of the chain of diversified mode of high quality, specific to from the following aspects.

a website in the new stage, as far as possible to enhance the website visibility, because the home page for the site, is the most important part, is also the site of the highest weight part, recommended to the website home page through the platform of those high weight, can obviously enhance the weight of the website, this is the most direct and effective, generally on the site just on the line, and by writing quality articles to some high weight site, with links to their web page, even text links, also often play a multiplier role, not more than a week this new station will be included.

love Shanghai innovation site outside the chain is one of the important factors to judge the quality of the target station love Shanghai, because the way to Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. website ranking is the most fair principle, but many Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is the love Shanghai algorithm principle, using the garbage the practice of the chain, let the chain many website looks rich in number, also has the effect of diversification, but it is not the quality of how high, causing the site’s ranking and declining with the updating of love Shanghai algorithm, which is obviously the website optimization failures.

when the website operation period, this time the website has accumulated a certain amount of popularity, but also get some rankings in the love sea, but because home competitors too strong, if optimize the home page chain blindly, have a negative effect perceptibly at this stage will, at this time to build according to the website, began to build more entrance website on the Internet, that is to say through the optimization model of long tail keywords, the chain website column page recommendation to the high weight of the platform, and the specific recommendations and method of entry is not to spend money to help others and contribute, website construction at the same time, they can also get some help.

No matter how the algorithm

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