The scoop buy links hidden behind

two to cancel the purchase link to how to handle the


B: love Shanghai (China largest search engine market share rate is above 80%, the main battlefield of Chinese station)

A: noble baby (the world’s largest search engine, the main battlefield of the domestic foreign trade site)

, a search engine for the link to purchase attitude.

as everyone knows, love Shanghai for the chain he always pays more attention to keep from talking about, "user experience". But in a recent update to the head of the community "first love Shanghai Shanghai dragon sources" proposed business connection harm. And make the following explanation: "buy links may use very improper means to make site to obtain a certain effect in a short time, but the search engine has a special program to identify the various means and behavior, once found, the site will not get the desired effect, and even be search engine punishment." In order to take their own petty profits, the website hit edge ball, will eventually lead to incalculable consequences.


is a very important link for the website optimization in terms of the "chain". The search engine that A website the links to the B web site, A is standing for a vote of confidence in the B station, can effectively enhance the authority of the B station, the PR value of search engine ranking. Baby Pagerank famous and noble love Shanghai CEO Robin Li hyperlink analysis of patent, are working this way based on search engine. Subsequently, the link trading emerged on the Internet now shine blossom everywhere. Almost all of the site advertising can see his figure. As we all know Shanghai dragon "hang link" for help in ranking, but Gu Jun for everyone here to buy secret behind the link to the site to bring worries.



09 years begin to contact the Shanghai dragon, noble baby is my first research object. At that time the rich owners "in the purchase of high PR link PR and improve site keywords ranking is a very common phenomenon, now the Shanghai dragon Er buy basically are in contact with the link. But since last year I believe that the purchase of friends also found links, external links for noble baby standard strictly, buy links play a role is not strong. At the same time, the noble baby also recently on this behavior to do a crackdown (my site has been shot), and updated in March 9th of this year’s "noble baby" webmaster guidelines emphasized that the punishment for the purchase link. The search engine is in progress, the noble baby from time to the semantic keyword search times, for the needs of users and web content more and more attention, so the degree of attention to the outside of the chain are weakened. The purchase link has rarely play a role, even on your site has been counterproductive

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