The wrong content is king is not trusted not to let the content become burden optimization

for many people to understand the word content is king is the original, this is a point of view is very sad, we all know that the original site is not so good to do, but also the two month three day in and day out, month to, or even longer if you insist, not for this particular station can you really love this stick? I believe that few people can! Even if it is for a station of my earliest, also is the debut in time and slowly lost his love for his original. Another misunderstanding is that many web content are junk content, which the content is not related to the content or keyword accumulation content, these content is disdain and do in our regular do stand webmaster heart, but he is good, so some webmaster began noisy say content is king is nonsense, don’t believe such nonsense, in fact can not blame them, because they see a corner of this site of the iceberg, in fact for this site does not play a decisive role, but outside the chain, such as Links high weight, the chain, or buy some chain weight high, even some people hang a number of black chain, if we put this down to the content of this one is quite unfair. There may be other content for the wrong point of view, these views are not credible, we must be aware of this point.

content is not equal to the original, it is not only the pseudo original, but can not be copied and pasted, content is king is only for web content we have very high requirements. The search engine has a good evaluation for the website, first I think it would be an evaluation of the website content, to the content is really for the user role is qualified, then I think the search engines love some new original content, may also be so much knowledge, but more expression more, the perspective will be recognized by search engine.

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Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. I have been busy with many things, for the optimization of catch loose a lot, many fell in the rankings, has been thinking about for optimization of the road how to better go. Recently I feel the most is that many of them will be on the content of the site is very important, high quality content search engine most likely to be evaluated as a good website, there will be a good ranking, we all know this, so we have to content "content is king" said, but this sentence it is also sometimes take out a lot of criticism, because some people think that this word to mislead a group of people, let some people live every day in pain, today I will, to this point to talk about their views on the content on the website: wrong content can not be trusted, don’t let yourself become content optimization drag.



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content is king in the world of martial arts which should be regarded as one of the most basic > we webmaster


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