The real purpose of love inside Shanghai launched statistics

now to the real purpose of the love of Shanghai launched traffic statistics tool, very simple, first ask ourselves why install statistical tools, a lot of people will tell me, is certainly in order to analyze the data. The problem is not solved, we install statistical tools in order to analyze the website data, love Shanghai to not? In this regard, Google has spent a lot of energy to do some of the plugins, is to collect data and analysis of users for the website, this is the only way in the shortest possible time to users want to present the results to the user. Love Shanghai launched traffic statistics is that, before the love of Shanghai did not launch statistical tools, it can only monitor to search traffic from past love Shanghai, but not to the monitoring site from other traffic, if you are installing love Shanghai statistical tools, it can monitor all traffic to your site. But it may be due to the collection of the data is not perfect, yet the algorithm fully play out, but to be is just the tip of the iceberg. So I suggest you do the dumpster, the user experience is not a good site do not install love Shanghai statistics, it will adversely affect your website. If you are a regular website, user >

traffic statistics is each site needs to be installed on our website, the monitoring of all aspects of the data that is too important, some time ago also launched the love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics, in this respect I believe we have to understand, in fact love Shanghai statistical function is relatively perfect, especially thermal click on the map, it is useful. But the Shanghai dragon suggested recently launched a bit off, everyone absurd listens, anyway, not too channel on the line. In fact, when Shanghai launched a love statistics I just think, what its real purpose do statistical tools, but also have a little idea in this regard, yesterday in the group with the Shanghai Dragon Master also communicated with some of my views, we are quite agree, here we give you about me how to really love Shanghai launched the statistics.

            you can see from the above picture is love love Shanghai Shanghai statistics Jiqiu popularizes, so take a way, if you do not install the love of Shanghai, you can’t really know how much is your site included. So the webmaster forced to use love Shanghai, love Shanghai really. There is a bit of speculation is the love of Shanghai let us to analyze others sites more difficult, let us not easily understand the search engine algorithms, of course, I think a lot of people will refute me, included the influence of the rankings is not large, this is just a personal point of view.

give you two pictures,

believe that we can see from the picture, the webmaster tools query data with statistical query love Shanghai access to large, usually use the webmaster tools query included more than seen in the background in statistics Shanghai love much less, give us a look at a map,

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