The importance of some of the details of the master of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon worker, before I self judgment that should be as long as the direction grasp the details, really do not need to spend too much time to study it. With the accumulation of work experience, more and more find that about Shanghai Longfeng details of things, the more the more in-depth harvest of things, don’t just stay on the surface, only superficial.

according to the examples above, we can simply summarize such a truth, when an industry you are in, you must know that in this industry the most basic things, yes, this is the basis of. As e-commerce (Electronic Commerce), if you engage in electronic commerce, so you even the most basic EC do not know what the words mean, even if your technology regressed, sometimes beat you is simply a tiny detail.

I just remember to enter an Internet company, in an interview in Shanghai Longfeng supervisor when the interviewer asked: do you take the Shanghai dragon spelling what write down. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is the "search engine optimization" referred to, but the specific representative of what is called search engine optimization, why do you know love, Shanghai, Shanghai dragon refers to "Search Engine Optimization". But I believe that most of the Shanghai dragon even practitioners of "S" and "E" can quickly understand and spell, but for the word "Optimization" I am sure that most are not complete written.

most of the time, and not all industry people must put details get so crystal clear, unless it is specified in a group of industry practitioners. For example, if you do Shanghai Longfeng a certain stage, promoted to supervisor, manager of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, especially when Shanghai dragon trainer. When you stand on the podium, the first class, you need to write down the specific meaning of Shanghai dragon "on the blackboard, you can not write, funny? Maybe this thing, be used only for the first time we gave lectures, but this is something you must master. Because your deep role is you must know how to. Of course, if you are a chain of the Commissioner, so don’t know is no relationship.

is today to mention about Shanghai Longfeng details, because recently in the company and colleagues discuss several Shanghai Longfeng details, technology department colleagues joked, you such discussions are very interesting and strange ah. Specifically about what the situation was, remember that the discussion is why a small icon in the ICO website will love Shanghai in search results. In fact, I think it is necessary to discuss this, why do you say, because as a professional Shanghai dragon, if your boss ask yourself what time can have the website logo, or website to achieve what kind of scale can be displayed. "

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