Shanghai Longfeng keyword density standard

in its essence, the reason of punishment is the so-called keyword density is too high to allow search engines to eliminate those arising because stack keywords spam. Because a lot of keywords will inevitably lead to the sentence would be meaningless like this: "I Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng effect Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon" similar to this is lost the meaning of these words completely pushed to the user must also allow the user to generate solutions to the search engine, any punishment mechanism is to let the user cannot see who will let users do not trust the content of the search engine. But if we give to such a mechanism on the line like this sentence "I as Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to take effect, Shanghai Longfeng method Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon strategy skills is recognized by other Shanghai dragon. "This sentence semantic structure is true but the concentration of the word it Shanghai Longfeng reached 30% is this way of expression will be punished? Some pages of picture elements accounted for the majority of the rest of the text with keywords, this page will be K website ranking, what? This is not

! What 3%-8% ?

myth, the concept of density. Then suddenly the site is K or drop right began to wonder whether keywords concentration is too high, too high keyword density search engine that cheated? Every webmaster in dealing with the concentration of keywords is always a bit hesitant, more afraid of punishment, less afraid of keywords optimization up is very awkward. A real reason for the embarrassment caused by such shilly-shally or because they don’t understand the search engine keyword density and the relationship between punishment mechanism or principle. Any one know Shanghai Longfeng people know keyword density is not too big, big will punish, but why? How to a degree? Why at this level will be punished? It is never good to want, just blindly remember this from 3% to 8% this from some foreign textbooks Shanghai Longfeng translated data (these materials or for 5 to 6 years ago the noble baby) to carry out the work of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, such behavior is tantamount to kezhouqiujian. Below we take to study this on the density of the punishment mechanism discussion.

language and language, sentence structure and language to complete words are relatively clear, such division is quite clear, so as to search engine is very easy to make a mechanism, such as all words or adverb nouns >

A concept of

universal is now the external keyword density is the content word count, total number of words appear divided by. Specific words is the case "my notebook is the apple notebook" word out is "I, the notebook, apple, notebook," a total of 7 words as keywords is notebook appeared 2 times that of the ratio 2/7. English is also calculated after segmentation. But we really need to care about the concept of density

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