Rookie into hard and confused Shanghai Dragon ndustry

often on the network or some training institutions in the study said Shanghai Longfeng have no trouble as long as you can type will open the computer you can, I want to say is true! If I ask which God enlighten me!! Shanghai dragon is a long and boring things, this for many novice webmaster is scratching, but also a headache, more anxious! Because the novice has not contacted, no success, no experience, but in the time war, also in a psychological battle.

if you are still learning Shanghai, I want to say to you, please do not worry, as long as you now is a good starting point, I believe that behind you will also better, just a period of time we need it, there may be half a year is probably two years are not allowed to say, so please enter this line and do this for friends in it must think of how to get to the road! You can go! You can go far! This is all you want? We will encounter many problems in Shanghai Longfeng road! For example: do you have time? You know have professional knowledge and so on??.


I’d like to tell you some and Shanghai Longfeng not very relevant experience today! Why do I choose this profession! Mainly from me in the university read a book about Shanghai’s love is possible! Then a get out of hand and school every day to see this book. Later also bought many related books. I’m really into the industry of the time in 2010 March. It may also be a fate! That is also true of Shanghai dragon network was understanding, in this regard learning video rarely. Only through the book or other articles, then according to the operation.

first you must put the mentality, not instant enterprising, opportunistic, this is not feasible, we see the network of many successful people, you have thought about others! Others when you play at home with the computer to update their own articles, or learn professional books. Are the same day like others too but others have more interesting.

often give up halfway people is most unfortunate is the most tragic, hard step you will succeed, but you will eventually step out the last step and choose to give up, then vowed to tell your friends that don’t do that, can not succeed, I have experience.

the following talk about this experience I just contacted the Shanghai dragon industry at

called the hardest, is the truth, as long as the beginning persist, then is making great strides, every day you should do the things done seriously, so naturally success is just a matter of time.

time will urge people to be old, time will urge the old people, everyone can not bear the loneliness and solitude, but if one day you stand, then you are not far from success, when change is our attitude, work well.

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