Keywords mining enterprise website optimization must be careful

Shanghai Longfeng for more than two years, when the website optimization, the first consideration is the user interested in what keywords, and keyword search in these possible and what is the keyword can generate orders. This is our Shanghai dragon company can secret high fees. No matter what kind of business is looking for us to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most important purpose is to bring order by Shanghai dragon, you may be in advertising says you can build brand, expand enterprise publicity, improve visibility. I believe each of these companies are in use, but we only main is order, is the direct customer. Shanghai dragon enterprise website, to do this, in-depth study of keywords is the priority among priorities. Here is some optimization of his own case, say keyword mining.

long tail keywords

website maintenance, update the article is not blindly, the mass of the chain. To evaluate the effect of optimization and re.

is the core of the word, the user is easy to have the purchasing power of the word, because the enterprise is involved in the wholesale industry, so in the latest fashion, XX brand and so on, belong to the individual keywords sell on not too much adopted. Using the directory + wholesale, how to choose the XX clothing, the more articles wholesale skills related words.

summarizes the characteristics of these words, one is direct and wholesale the word, a class is to teach people how to choose women’s words, then how the word after wholesale sales. These words are most concerned about the small wholesale merchant keywords. The transaction is a magic weapon that combination of key segments.

three, website maintenance stage, real-time adjustment of

development toolsKeywords

, a website to do initial keyword classification

two, use the search engine keywords –

subdivision summed up will have many disadvantages, such as wholesale clothing, simple search, there will be a lot of auction business, up to ten of the promotion of user, even if we do first, the competition is also difficult. Therefore, use of the hands of the keyword tool, such as the Shanghai love promotion tool, noble baby keyword tool, each keyword related to mining, study the intensity of competition. Simple to index 300 words "wholesale clothing" for several dozens of index keywords "fashion" wholesale "fashion wholesale market" name + wholesale clothing". Do it, rather than index 300 words, can bring more clicks.

clothing wholesale, this is a client site last year. Received such a keyword, you can think very much related classification and way, such as wholesale clothing, dress collocation, brand clothing wholesale, and the classification of women, dress, blouse, BianFuShan and so on. When we are planning, borrowed directly in Taobao keyword data, the apparel industry can be said that Taobao is thriving, a penny to get key data of Taobao women’s clothing industry. Then, for the word classification processing.

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