Let the website with the search engine and the integration of user experience

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site was built in line with the search engine and meet user experience, then save for the content is to do to deal with. You want the user to stay, then you must be able to attract what he. Then the content is the best bait, as long as the content of your website, good enough capacity enough to produce the interaction between users, so even if you are half success.

first website optimization, should first consider the website source code, it is recommended that you have cleanliness to design with DIV+CSS. Another point is the use of the weight of the label, such as H, B, Meta tag tag tag description, each page should be clear. Let the user enter the site after the first one that your website is what, then tell the user what he can bring good or fun, then tell the user why you choose, finally is to find ways to retain the user, get them involved in the interactive.

Optimization of

you must remember the main content at the time of writing, must be left to be user vulnerabilities, don’t say what detail, quasi accurate, so your article even more wonderful can not produce explosive arguments. So the core contents must be clear and clear, the vague content must be vague, allowing users to understand the core, let users doubt, then your article on controversial.

first we should consider is the website design must conform to the standard search engine, but also need to meet the user experience. Then we will let users nod to our website, and not let the user nod shook his head, means that the site layout must be down in the end, do not be able to let the user shook his head to see, so that it can meet the standards of user experience.

site itself is the most important, both the layout and the content, finally all is for the purpose of profit, unless you are a public website. Otherwise you all the optimization work must stand on the user’s point of view, but also meet the standards of search engine at the same time.

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many webmaster in optimize the time to the site, the site of the structure to get out of order, is standing in the perspective of search engine design, which leads to very poor user experience, the user viscosity is very poor. According to my previous experience, although such sites can get good rankings in search engines, but will lead to the site’s ranking floating is very large, search ranking unstable factors. Let me teach you how to solve this problem.


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