How to write the content of the website according to the statistical data quality

from figure three we can see clearly the website each page views and each page of the list. According to the page number of URL we can carry on detailed analysis to every page, >


(Figure 1)

first, according to the Statistics website industry and final code background statistics articles a week click on the list of data to analyze the audience love content, according to the analysis of these statistics in the website content editing process can focus on this aspect.


(Figure three)

Must we all love to see the


as shown in Figure two, you can see a list of the week and each of the independent IP access number at a glance. From here we can see the number of independent IP each article brings, can be used as an important reference for traffic volume. Can also be seen in a week in those more popular audience favorite content. With a map than long period, larger reference value. Finally, we can also carry out the content analysis through third party tools to the statistical data. For example, the webmaster friends every day in the CNZZ traffic statistics tool for. Now I give you cut a figure:

we have seen in the first picture browsing data behind it, that is to install traffic statistics in the statistical code behind each article. According to the views of the data can be seen in popularity. As the one of the important data editors can reference this data.

if the site structure like a skeleton, then the content of the website would be the soul. An excellent website, in addition to the web architecture layout good, whether this is the core of the core contents provided by the website has great value to spread. Now many sites have a large number of spam messages to the audience, not only to the good meaning of transfer and even some also to cause some negative effects.

page is beautiful and the site quality content website. This website not only the layout and website content dissemination of great value to the audience. In the website optimization and friends website promotion, A5 net and the owners of the home network must have many webmaster friends every day to see the vast amounts of information to visitors are spread useful information, not only can reference the experience of others, but also inspired from these contents.

today is to talk about how to write good content, to analyze from three aspects:

(Figure two)

is followed by a week of the website backstage statistical charts, we can see this in figure

so what to see how the views of the people, to cut a figure:

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