Why love Shanghai every update keywords ranking unstable

server is stableIf your

1, the web site structure

The quality and quantity of the chain of

affect the keywords ranking, each love Shanghai update, especially big update, the chain has the potential to greatly increase or decrease, if the chain reduced greatly, stable keywords ranking nature, keywords caused decline in the rankings, because this website should pay attention to the quality and quantity of the chain the chain is reduced, the chain survival period, the author thinks that the chain of more than three months survival is outside the chain of high quality. If you love Shanghai in front of the chain, behind the delete chain, is very big to the influence of the keyword ranking.

this morning search keywords ranking, love Shanghai today updated, every webmaster friends love Shanghai update door are relatively tight, some rose drop some key words. But some web site keywords ranking is very stable, no matter how love Shanghai update, keywords ranking is very stable, of course some small changes. Today I give everybody to analyze why love Shanghai update keywords ranking is not stable, if you pay attention to these aspects, keywords ranking fluctuations will be reduced to a minimum, each basic love Shanghai update, keywords ranking will be very stable.

changed the link structure and the site of the title, the author of a station, changed the title of each article, followed by the name of a company, the love Shanghai update time, a large number of put out after updating the article, causing a certain degree of decline in keyword ranking. To keywords ranking stability, site structure stability is a must,

site structure change, ranking keywords will not soon influence, love Shanghai has a buffer time, timely capture updated content is not immediately obvious, accompanied by a big update a small weekly and monthly update performance. So if you change the web page title, description, keywords, are likely to cause the love Shanghai update, change keywords ranking greatly.


4, high quality original content

server is not stable, often not open or open speed is very slow, if you stand just to catch up with the search engines to crawl your website, the website does not open, impact on the search engine is very big, think you have problems, at least not love your station. In the next update time, may give you down the right, natural keywords ranking fell. So the website optimization choice space of time, you have to take a stable and fast space on site optimization is very favorable. The author here by the way again, the same IP site is down right or have certain influence on other sites, so try to choose the same host IP store website less, if the conditions allow the best to buy a VPS, an independent IP, this is also very good website optimization.

do not only do the chain.

3, the chain is stable


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