WordPress blog system of Shanghai dragon ten optimization skills

To include postname. general < >

Many Optimization of


put a robots.txt blog in the root directory of the file, you can specify the search engine only included the specified article.

users in the use of WordPress system to build a blog, will be the default installation using the default template, although its function is quite perfect, but in fact the search engine is not friendly, and no good design for search engines, below I introduce some techniques and methods can make the WordPress system more search engine for friendship, in order to facilitate the search engine better included.

titleOptimization of

, the optimization of URL link structure

two, the blog title streamlined

WordPress Title is the default "blog – article", the user experience is not very good, the search engine is not too love this title, I think we should use "the column name – blog name" in the form of a man named All in is recommended to install the One Pack plugin Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Title, can automatically optimize and increase the Descriptions and the Keywords Meta label.

three, Title, and the description of the

Optimization of

four, robots.txt file privacy

in the title of the article contains the best keyword key, do not use meaningless title, for English Blog, a man named Shanghai dragon Slugs best plug-in enabled, the plugin will automatically the, in and other "useless" word delete post slug, in favor of Shanghai Longfeng. In Chinese in his blog, the best set the manual, put some words or adverbs deleted, do to streamline the title. Such as:,, this is welcome, such words do not need to leave.

Permalink inside the server supports mod_rewrite function, this function can be used to optimize the Permalink (permanent link), set in Option-Permalink Common options, I tend to use the ***贵族宝贝/boke/%year%%monthnum% /%postname%.html link structure, a link directory is only two, to the index, and the link structure of link structure and consistency Blogspot and Movable Type, more conducive to the smooth migration or switching system. The use of postname English, if it is to write English Blog, the system will automatically post slug for the postname.

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