The Shanghai dragon love Shanghai encyclopedia details

, a document type definition

four, the chain optimization

, Title and Meta two page title tag

The application of

encyclopedia weight high, so that each of the Shanghai dragon Er drool with envy. But Wikipedia links difficult but almost inaccessible. This also reflects the importance of the link between export encyclopedia. With the word "Internet" as an example, the first reference is >

content in the keyword anchor link to its Wikipedia page, which is a common method of Encyclopedia products. With the keyword "Internet" as an example, the author statistics about the keyword anchor link, a staggering more than 300, while Wikipedia only has more than 160, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love chain network huge remarkable. In such a large chain network for both import traffic or transfer weights are pretty awesome, this is the high weight of the essence.

source code can be seen in the encyclopedia definition document type code, this definition not only backward compatible, and better than traditional methods to save 105 characters, this is very effective for page size compression, visible love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng details on hold.

three, H1, H2, H3, H4 Tags

love Shanghai encyclopedia in H tags and B tags compared to Wikipedia more stringent. With the keyword "Internet" as an example, the entry for "Internet" using the H1 tag, a directory "development" using the H2 tag, two directory "Overview" using the H3 tag, "technology definitions" using H4 tags. The encyclopedia is perfect for H label application.


with the keyword "Internet" as an example, the title is "the Internet Encyclopedia _ love Shanghai encyclopedia", namely "keywords _ website name form. The delimiter used "_", "love of Shanghai is also visible _ favor". Wikipedia does not define the keywords and description, compared to the high weight of Wikipedia, also omitted two labels. We can see that the search engine on its weight reduction.

thus, the good performance of the search engine, not only because the encyclopedia Wikipedia (hereinafter referred to as the Encyclopedia) "two rich generation" in the background, but also from its own optimization excellence.

five, outbound links between

it is no exaggeration to say that love Shanghai 70% popular keyword search results, you can see the figure of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love in the first place, its weight is remarkable. After all, their own products, thus giving high weight, it is It’s only human. If you simply think so some one-sided, we use the word "Internet" as an example, look at the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love in other search engine performance. The noble baby ranked first, Sogou ranked first, it ranked first, Bing ranked second, ranked second in soso… .

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