How about love love Shanghai new Shanghai integrity authentication and integrity authentication

recently a friend asked, click on the website in search keywords suddenly found on the right side of the website to hang a "love Shanghai integrity certification security check box", are very disgusted, and click on the code or default, is affecting the overall effect of their website, like hanging small ads, but he said they had been in the background with this code, want to delete this thing but do not know how to get. There are a lot of people have asked about love before Shanghai integrity certification this thing, but not to ask how to delete but how to add wood, the Shanghai dragon would like to take this opportunity to talk about the love of Shanghai integrity certification.

3, whether the code is already installed, or just to install, should be under the state code click Check to ensure that the code is installed in the correct love Shanghai, all well after it has been opened successfully.

2, an access code, which basically do not have, because if your site has been properly installed in Shanghai (including the Shanghai code of love love love Shanghai business statistics, bridge, offline, PO) do not need to install again. Most of the site was installed in Shanghai love these codes, so it is generally OK. This is why the above friend said never add this code in the background, but the cause of love the name card of Shanghai integrity. Of course, if it is never installed love Shanghai code, you can directly click "access code", copy the code down into the corresponding position on the site can.



how to add love Shanghai


1, you must open the corresponding web site;

before they opened it directly into the love Shanghai integrity certification management page, as shown below. In the show, said the corresponding web enabled in this show love Shanghai integrity certification icon, if you don’t want can click enabled after the button to hide out, also can be directly deleted.




1, click on the new site, enter the URL and site name. Of course, this site is not just write a can, love only for you in the name card Shanghai integrity love Shanghai site promotion is effective, corresponding to you in love Shanghai promotion account web site, so that the website domain and website promotion domain consistent add, or can not open

2, in the new site can enter the domain name, domain name, level two subdirectories, WAP domain name 4 Web site, enter the URL.

love Shanghai integrity certification in fact as long as you love Shanghai to promote users to open up is very simple, only need to log in to love Shanghai promotion background into account, and then you can see what the name card credit. Click to enter the integrity of name card can be free to open.

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