Buy the domain name two points pay attention to the weights of the domain name and user friendliness

many users in the search site will direct search site keywords, such as sites such as QQ, when user input of the word QQ in love in Shanghai, ranking the first site is QQ and COM, can be seen from the users attention to the website domain name, many web site because of the importance in the early do not pay attention to domain name the random selection of domain name registration, website development to the final maturity, and spend a lot of money to buy the domain name and website main keywords, which is typical of a waste of money, I suggest that no matter what type of website, we should be in the early site will be located, choose a good domain name, let users in search of website brand, our keywords can be ranked first love Shanghai, before a rival pig site, every day they spend huge sums of money Promotion in love Shanghai, seize the pig first, but not to the 1 months, the site will not go, why? Because users are aware of the real pig King’s domain name on the zhubajie and COM, other websites can also seize this position? Not

novice webmaster all know the pig’s website, his domain name is zhubajie, with the A5 website, his domain name is Admin5, have a great relationship to enhance the visibility of these sites and sites of the domain name, the domain name itself starting from Pinyin, brand and website we can see the website domain name Pinyin is complete as such, it constructs the search weights of the site itself, the search engine keywords that these sites should occupy the first place, because his site is for this keyword, so I suggest you novice webmaster can then purchase the domain name to establish brand keywords, the choice of the domain name, the final achieve the domain name itself in Shanghai home to love.

buy domain name has been a headache for many webmaster, entering the Internet webmaster friends is even more so, they do not understand how to choose the domain name to be able to cause the attention of the search engine, but they do not know what kind of domain name can cause user friendliness, improve the user’s memory, so today specifically to analyze some novice webmaster domain selection points, hope to be able to help more webmaster friends.

when we select the domain name in the search engine should also pay attention to a little weight and user friendliness of the premise, that is the choice of domain name confusion, China letters and numbers have several very characteristics, such as 0 and O, 2 and Z, when we select the domain name as the domain name don’t take this letter, because now there are many Internet users are in a state of careless, inattentive will confuse your domain, finally he will think your domain is not logical and perfect, so I suggest that we can learn the domain name of the website and Sina Admin5 domain name choice and so on, their names will not easily confused, there are relatively well-known Sohu, 163 and so on, these domain names.


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