360 search push independent brand search is intended to insinuate industry chaos too bad

is to record the users and the industry criticized the medical field as an example, due to the rapid development of private medical institutions in more than 10 years, the rapid increase in demand for advertising, but because the "human life", so the medical advertisement has very strict regulations, makes a lot of private hospitals lack channels to promote, plus medical category accounted for is a considerable proportion of Internet users search, search engines become private medical institutions advertising channels are very important. Data show that the search giant annual revenue of about 30% from the medical advertisements, the total size of more than 10 billion yuan.

analysts believe that due to Chinese has not been established as the United States and the EU as a standard anti monopoly environment, a lot of monopoly abuse of dominant market power and resources, by sacrificing the interests of the user experience and to maintain the profits of enterprises, and to suppress competitors. China search engine market especially, 360 search share of more than 30% in two years, Shanghai love toward breaking down a dominant monopoly, has taken the most important step.

Qi Xiangdong, former U.S. President Reagan cited the words: Guns don’t kill people, is killing people. The search engine this gun, master in good hands is a tool, is the weapon in the hands of the wicked master. This is the 360 launch of the beginning of the heart, this is the "search" of the origin — a good search, not to do bad things! The protection of information security, the protection of consumer safety, do not let the bad search only hand over


January 6, 2015, 360 search announced the official launch of "good search, independent brand new brand logo, LOGO also simultaneously debut. This means that the 360 companies search business after more than two years of rapid development, have their own independent brand name. Qi Xiangdong said, "a good search" in the future will be to search the first brand China attack, the mobile search is very likely to become "good search" to complete the main battlefield of subversion giants.

in the bidding mechanism, many popular keywords such as painless, cosmetic etc., each click of up to ten yuan to dozens of yuan, more often provide false medical advertising agencies, to rely on profits to bear the high search promotion fee. November 2008 CCTV "News 30’" for two consecutive days, reported that a search giant PPC shady. 2011, CCTV financial channel once again focused on the problems of a search giant promotion link, medical and pharmaceutical industry and consumer health and life and death, become the hardest hit again.

Qi Xiangdong said that in 2015, the "search" to search all the bad war. We firmly believe that the survival of the fittest, Good prevails over evil when users become more and more rational, and more able to distinguish right from wrong, bad living space search will be more and more narrow, out of the mainstream market. "We want to search PC growth to 40% in 2015, mobile search to reach 30% in 2 years. From the long-term goal is to become the first search, Chinese brand.

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