Share six aspects of spider crawling and grab (two)

sixth, copy the contents of detection: there are a lot of topics in the Internet, after all, sharing is a major feature of the Internet, so this characteristic determines the existence of a large number of similar pages. So in the process of crawling and grab, detect and remove duplicate content is usually an important part in the process of pretreatment, when the spider found a lot of repetitive content, will be given if you delete the content on the website are a large number of repeat, then your website many might not give high weight the. Sometimes the site collection site will also be included, but a us to check, search engine has been deleted, it.

share: six aspects of spider crawling and grab (a), respectively from the three aspects of common spider, tracking links, file storage and summarized the above today from three aspects to attract spiders, address library, copy detection share. Hope that through the six aspects of the whole article can let everyone have a more in-depth understanding of search engine. Well, to today’s text, if there is wrong, I hope you do.

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fourth, attract spider: through the above we know that although the spider theory can crawl all pages, but due to the limitation of the link and the complexity of time, often only a part of the spider crawl on the Internet web site, if we want to get good rankings, so we must find ways to let the spider to grab a spider. General will grab more important page, the page is important? Is a page weight high, the old site qualification will be considered more important; the two page is often updated pages for frequently updated pages, spiders will be more frequent access; three is the import links more pages, no matter what kind of page and if you want to visit the spider, there must be four links; and is closer to the home page click on the page, because the weight of home page is often the highest, so the distance The home page click on recent distance is often considered the most important pages.

base address database is very important to search it, the number of pages on the Internet is huge, in order to avoid repeated crawl and crawl web site, search engines will establish a base address, the address database main record has been found but has not been grab page, and the page has been captured. The address of the library, can make the search engine more efficient, URL addresses in the library often have several sources: one is the manual entry of URL; two is to crawl and grab, if crawling to a new URL address, no library will be credited to visit the database; three is through submission many webmaster will take the initiative to submit the page to be made. The spider will visit from inside the URL to visit the address, crawling will delete, and stored in the database to access the address. But we also need to understand, we go to take the initiative to improve the search engine website, does not mean that he will visit and included our pages, search engines more love crawling on their own discovery of new URL, so we still have to do the web content and external links.

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