Share quickly find the simple method of several key words


two: the love Shanghai index, Google keywords trend analysis

first method is low, the second method is time and energy consuming. This method can be said to be the One man sows and another reaps. As a key analysis, we can analyze our competitor’s site, but the author is not to say that the keywords competitors but we should copy, insufficient analysis site keywords, then the lack of competitors on the site to become their own advantages.

keyword selection is the first step of our Shanghai dragon Er all work, find the right keywords as if to find the direction to success. Keywords for the site, the quality has a direct impact on the US site ranking and traffic. For the choice of keywords is always the webmaster has been a topic of concern, the author will share several simple method to quickly find the site keywords today, we hope to help.

three: analysis of your opponent’s site


software for us to optimize the staff can be said to be a good way to reduce our workload. At present there is designed for Shanghai dragon design software, of course, there are some of the keywords grab software tools. We can use these software of mining and mining site keywords. Of course, we can not be too obsessed with the software, after all software is just to simplify our work, and can not replace the Shanghai dragon Er, we obtain the keyword should be analyzed, and then confirm whether the site as the key words.

The relative accuracy of

if your site is Google you can use Google trend analysis, if your site is to optimize the love of Shanghai, that is to use the love index in Shanghai. The two platform can be a very good analysis of the keywords heat. We can arrange the key on the site and then carry on the analysis in Shanghai or Google index trend, and then sort out a site keyword table. This method is relatively a method is due to the manual operation, the accuracy of the keywords will be relatively high. For example, the former phase by an optimization project, received a hand when customers say they do keyword has always been a public affair, but no substantial increase in the flow of the site, the author first questioned the key whether there will be traffic, will not check not know, check jump, needless to say the background not from this keyword in traffic, even love Shanghai index can not find the words, it is said that no one search this keyword, if you have been obsessed with the words, in the end can only be empty, so I gave them the recommended use of agricultural information network, optimization in a stage the site traffic increased, and from the keywords are flow. I love Shanghai, Google index trend is a good way to find the right keywords. But the relative to more time and effort.

: use keywords capture software

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