Sardines catfish in search 360

is the best in the world with the Google search engine is perhaps for some reason, as everyone knows, the vast majority of people missed the best search engine, thus creating the world’s largest search engine, Chinese love Shanghai — should also be scolded by most search engines.

the next play 360 navigation, it seems there is no technical content of navigation in the webmaster, because of the huge installed capacity of 360 browser, jumped more than the old hao123, becoming the 360 shaking Qian Shu. You remember the last group purchase website advertising


according to the above statistics, maybe 360 search really is the second largest search engine after the love of Shanghai, from 360 search 17 days website statistics, in four days, from 360 search sources except love Shanghai really beyond all search engines, second only to the second search love Shanghai.

search engine has always been considered to require a higher level of technology, has been in search of soy sauce to see that the search engine is not money can solve the problem, even now, Google has been improved, love Shanghai also launched Webmaster Platform, club owners, began to lay down their shelves and exchange station. At this time to enter the 360 search may become sardines in catfish, or progress, or be eaten.

browser 360 debut, with 360 security software and other people dislike the promotion, 360 browser has become the domestic browser market NO.1.

"cannon" Zhou Hongyi only a micro-blog mentioned 360 search and reply Liu Qiangdong Jingdong. Zhou Hongyi was doing when he was 3712 and love Shanghai and now has a massive user fight hand to hand with, the 360 again launched a search, "cannon" is unusually low-key. Perhaps this is the darkness before the dawn, mighty storm before the calm.

crazy?> ?


as the Challenger Sogou, recently is very eye-catching, the repurchase of shares, traffic surge, input method, the browser, search the three rocket etc.. And now, as the industry showstopper 360 search on-line, in line for fifth days, then came news of Google, Sogou search beyond 360, become the second second largest search love Shanghai. As a webmaster, who really only care about the site to bring more traffic, as for the other, who cares


recall 360 history, Kabasiji began a joint launch of free antivirus 360, becoming the first free antivirus software on the domestic market, and quickly occupied the market, while expanding the market share of Kabasiji. Subsequently, 360 and Kabasiji have the capacity of large part company each going his own way, the 360 anti-virus, without the aid of any other resources.

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