On the face of confusion and to replace space

2. replacement after the host, website to keep updated every day, try to send the original article, in order to improve website weight.

The replacement of space

1. if the space you need to fill in the domain name registration access providers, so to submit relevant materials.

Reasonable arrangements for the planned

4. a few blogs help website through right down period.

slimming supermarket address: 贵族宝贝qiantu123贵族宝贝/infos/230.html original, reproduced please specify

This article by Taobao

Taobao slimming supermarket since launch, has been through the white hat technology promotion optimization. The original + the chain extension method, and finally to love Shanghai and Google today. So far, love the success of Shanghai included 38 pages, Google also included more than 200 pages. But there has been a problem that every time in the website backstage operation, sometimes less than 10 minutes to the login timeout phenomenon, this problem has puzzled me.

3. find some good weight high website or forum, to the top of the chain, let the love of spiders in Shanghai through the link to find my site.

hope through the above work, make the site as soon as possible through the right down period, rankings and included are improved. Finally, I hope everyone can give more suggestions, I am indebted forever, thank you.

I always thought that the website background program, but I set the background is an hour after the login timeout, why does this happen. I to the space service providers to consult, they did not make any explanation, always said that I was backstage procedure. The first point, my site is using virtual space, as we all know, there are a lot of website with your website and share a IP on a server. So, I think, is not because of a multi site, there are many people who visit the web site, cause the server to bear these resources, so as to release. But the space service providers and I have not always a reasonable explanation.

is now facing the confusion, no way, always change, can only do the replacement related to the host. I make a plan, for your reference, such as the inappropriate please forward.

so now I am very depressed ah, want to change into independent IP host, a website with a IP, it will not be a good point? But what netizens say new sites in space on the website ranking and included are of great influence. If I fall in love with the sea for the host, K my station, which is more anxious people? I knew a single choice good will not be the case, really hate these services, money, good attitude, collect money, very cow.

5. day promotion related work.

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