Love Shanghai snapshot not update content included five experience sharing [original]

2, the stability of the

search engine when acrawl found a large number of website structure change, severe cases may lead to site is down right, included will be slow, even no longer included, from my website "." in the beginning of operation (2010-12-1) is too anxious to line, finally forced to change, after the revision of the Shanghai love soon stopped snapshots and included, almost until after a month included slowly returned to normal, especially for the love of Shanghai, contains a relatively slow, relatively much faster noble baby. This part is the search engine, only etc.. Stop Nagato can do the chain through the weights of the high site, every day according to certain time to publish original articles, the article do text aim to restore the home page, included as soon as possible.

web server, VPS, virtual space.

1, website: because of various reasons in urgent need of revision.


released a cover his website. "From 2010 to December, as well as many webmaster, experienced by Shanghai love torture, web site is not included, snapshots stop suddenly, little spider crawling and so on let the webmaster mood change radically, really fall in love with the sea is really exhausting, some problems are indeed it is difficult to make people to understand all the webmaster, but please believe that this is only temporary, please this kind of abnormal problems without too entangled in the love of Shanghai, perhaps love Shanghai interior modulation problems. We should do is to do their own websites, improve the user experience, don’t do website optimization as an end station, that would have the order reversed. In fact, many webmaster website optimization too into misunderstanding, and so much love in Shanghai, love Shanghai snapshot not update not included are due to optimization caused by the actual combat experience after half a year, I then this, and we hope to be able to sum up under the above situation of possible problems and solutions.

for the website, the stability of the space for Shanghai dragon is not the decisive factor, but it is necessary for the long-term development of the space factor, long-term instability is very unfavorable for the development of Shanghai dragon, from my website. In the first issue is to use a VPS service provider in Shanghai that is using the way of resource sharing, because the site to be collected, often because of public CPU resource occupation is too big and lead to the death of MYSQL card, website from time to time is slow or unable to open, then there is no way to replace one-time better server, I chose VM, VM and VPS are almost the same, but all kinds of hardware resources are run independently, to the current (6-17) so far has been two months, running very normal! So check whether personal advice website During a visit to the unstable situation, seek advice taking good disposable replacement. Because if you buy cheap space resulting from time to time can not access the site or access is very slow, this is the The loss outweighs the gain.

3, the construction of the chain and content >

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