The sum of the ten major points of the successful operation of Shanghai PPC advertising love

The is better?

keyword can choose: Children’s education, preschool education, preschool education. We can choose four or five words like

(a) PPC strategy:

The )Key words: keywords positioning strategySelect the location of

decision PPC keywords advertisement whether can succeed in doing. The key decision factors.

(two) PPC bidding Objective:

do Shanghai dragon or PPC, for the enterprise, profit is the ultimate goal. Overlooking the promotion of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, has a very large number of enterprises are the direct use of quick PPC. From the point of view, if the correct use of PPC resources, and the advantages of reasonable use of bidding, for many small and medium enterprises may not be a key to quickly open the market. I began to contact PPC ad from 2003, there has been a medium-sized enterprises do network marketing planning work. According to the operation of PPC advertising experience, the author will in 10 details in this paper summary on the operation of PPC advertising share success can not be ignored. I hope to give those new PPC ads help novice.


(three) PPC user location:

(six) location:

scheme of PPC strategies in a training center, a brief description, the education and training institutions in preschool education. In the education industry as the background, combined with the existing resources, we can make the following activities for the PPC scheme and Strategy:

keyword selection is divided into two aspects the main keywords and long tail word.


(five) biddingkeywords mode:

compared with the main keywords, the author thinks that we should focus on the long tail keywords, we can analyze our target user: 4 to eight years old parents search habits do combined 50-200 long tail keywords, for example: preschool education where

The following is the

is the main purpose of the expanding enrollment bidding PPC. At the same time in order to enhance the brand, to provide investment exhibition.

model of capital investment is small. Only the reasonable setting, rapid return. For this stage of the educational institutions.

brand investment is too large, in order to promote the brand for the purpose (time, as the newly established institutions will not present discomfort at this stage using

only choose accurate matching advertising model.

I am currently mainly for preschool education institutions, potential development, cultivate children’s habits as the main research direction, a collection of 4 students to 8 year old parents accounted for 85% of the students in our center users, for users PPC we can locate in: children 4 to 8 year old parents.


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