The webmaster will know how to solve the problem of website jump out rate!

! website positioning accuracy

why is the keyword of the website positioning will affect the website jump out rate? I believe you in the habit of looking for information mostly will come through the query input keywords, when the search results come out to see which information the title of best meets their needs, and then click go to view the information, if it is found that the information of the title and the contents do not match, then we will not directly to the information to find other closed, in line with their own information; I remember a friend before they do notebook printing, so he went on his website on the layout of the title keyword search volume printing printing, although large, but to know the printing the range is very wide, so when the user when he found by printing website, if the user is not doing notebook printing Bounce rate is 100%, then I suggest he printing add notebook, website bounce rate results to solve the

second: the need to provide users with valuable content

third: the website needs reasonable planning in the construction of the chain

what is the value? There are many webmaster friends that provide original content is valuable, indeed the search engine algorithm has been changing, this love Shanghai spark plan released has been in the fight against spam, the low quality of the pseudo original content, original content of more attention site. Then as a webmaster we need to understand our content in line with the search engine, but we have no content for the user to consider? We provide content is not valuable for customers? If we are content to the customer is of no value, can not give the customers to solve the problems, so I believe the user will jump out rate is very high

website problem!

title to

then as a webmaster if we solve the problem of website jump out rate

?Keywords: the first

a lot of people may think that the construction of the chain is important? Really can solve the network.

can be said that the search engine to judge the quality of a site of high and low is very largely what examine a web site audience, and these users give website bring jump out rate of the number of page hits, users in the residence time and site access ZhengZhan, search engine through these data of the comprehensive analysis can determine the quality of the site quality and whether to give the site the weight of high and low, after a long time of data analysis, find your jump out rate of high and low will directly affect the quality of the data of each website, for example: a user to enter our website the home page, directly out of our website, then browse this website for the residence time of the website, zero is zero, so that to improve the whole website The weight settlement sites out rate is the core reason.


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