Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng sex is ranked six points three points a luck technology implementation


You may see the title

first, writing content, every day you need to write high quality content, high quality content including users are most concerned about the content, can solve the problems of user content, various content of value to the users are called high quality content, but also need to continue to dig some long tail keywords, and then according to your writing dig out of the long tail keywords content.

second, the construction of the chain, a website ranking of the two most important content and the chain, this need not say much, so the implementation of the most important and the most difficult is the construction of the chain, the chain construction is the need for continued growth, because each chain is the life cycle (there are some links will disappear, along with some factors such as people put your Links withdrawal, you people in the web site to do the chain, their site closed, you do outside the chain, in the blog by reason of all aspects of K and so on all will result in the loss of the chain). For example, you do a 100 chain, this month a chain do not lose 30, then your chain loss rate is thirty percent, this will cause the site to drop right, so that the keywords ranking drop. In order not to use the site to drop right at least you have to maintain the rate of ten percent lost in the chain, if the new station in red ranking, it needs more energy to do the chain.

fourth, diversity of promotion, the pet phrase is "do Shanghai Longfeng website is a dead station, only the Shanghai dragon website shengburusi". Shanghai dragon is just a means of promotion, we can not put the egg in one basket, should look for more ways to promote, so as not to be too dependent on Shanghai dragon, not to mention the future of Shanghai, the road gets narrower, take the love of Shanghai open platform and application platform of the two open platform, grab much traffic. "

third, data analysis, but also the need for network data analysis, the user is the page from which came in, and leave the page from which the user, how long is your site in the residence time, your bounce rate is how much, how much is the loyalty of users, IP every day, how much is the number of PV. Is the conversion from these data to the structure of the web site or the user experience to make adjustments.

ask, do not do Google like this? In the end to answer (to leave a suspense). Shanghai Longfeng implementation is the most important, so I have to score is the highest, the technical level of the thing you learn is that, just at the beginning of the may need to spend some time every day, and the implementation is needed, one day does not fall, the last is also need a little good luck, the next three points to start for everyone to read.

is the most important part of the execution in Shanghai Longfeng, write the program before the website do Shanghai Longfeng, then you need to press this program to execute, execute the author here it is divided into four aspects:

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