Share some experience of their sex in Shanghai Library

he supports upload, download and support integration, manual review, but there are a lot of malpractice is not online watch, people can only see is a document, no preview and watch online download function, this can intuitively see who is not their own need to document, so interest rate will be more and more less, if this function is not added, I estimate will be a failure of the product.

4. library space as long as possible, just like in life is a library, but the library book without an article? At least, not online entity, but has been said to be the library, let you upload something like a book.

by original every day new, previously on document sharing platform only love Shanghai library and Douding nets better, there is a 360doc, the other may have it, but I also went to the horizon, recently received an optimization promotion list, do promotion when found the Sina also has a document platform, friends inside this platform like or little-known, why? Then I upload a document almost know what.

these 2. things are not necessarily your "authentic", such as I have collected some Taobao promotion skills, I do not write, I just take what summed up into the document, it is crazy reproduced a lot, called "Taobao promotion skills 100 apple not tore you can arrange" love Shanghai look at the effect, which is to seize the needs of everyone.

3. the chain not too much, the typesetting must be neat. Otherwise, the personnel will see that your advertising is not to say that, can not pass, or by reducing chances.

these 1. things really let a person look is useful, because the audit is also the ordinary people, can deceive you can in his side through basic.

say my simple use of the library, had only heard of this thing is the library can play a promotion role, is the most effective tutorial, add your website or brand name, formed the communication effect and ultimately enhance the brand effect, is in the process that the original tutorial links will become the high quality of the chain, so whether it is black hat white ash cap began to promote the use of this path, with some in a horrible mess of garbage, love Shanghai supervision is more and more strict, how can it? I summarize a few points:


first wrote here, but know the quality of the chain of love Shanghai library is very high, but I haven’t tested them, we can try to Kazakhstan, oh the green outfit marketing members of apple please keep the original starting 贵族宝贝28sem贵族宝贝/blog/rumen/1022.html

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