The chain where you want to go to a bowl to

three video chain. A chain form is phlogistic video outside the chain now is the fried. The chain can do video display as a foreign website image, enhance the visibility of the site. Shanghai has repeatedly stressed that the customer experience of love. The propaganda promotion website to large online video website platform Youku potatoes, with our web site. Can be very good for our website to provide an advertising effect. Now some companies are doing video marketing, huge traffic using video station to marketing products, in effect is very awesome.

classification information platform. On behalf of the 58 city and Ganji, people network, these sites daily release of information is very large. Search engines crawl is quite awesome. A lot of people in the chain on the classified information. But more subtle. There may be a lot of work for Shanghai dragon in 58 friends or go to the market for a lot of resume but did not receive the interview notice. In fact, many enterprises in the label is for network marketing, website editing, while watching the day update, but in fact do not recruit people, only in the chain. This information is updated every day. So many job seekers are fooled.

four Links. This is the most primitive way chain, now love Shanghai introduced a new green basket algorithm. A lot of links by selling meal website (ALI slightly etc.) are greatly affected. However, the non monetary transaction nature of the normal link love or friendly Shanghai. A5, Chinaz these large Webmaster Platform have special Links exchange forum, when nothing can go and see. Find the right link exchange.

six bookmark favorites. There is love on behalf of Shanghai collection, Cape of Good Hope, music collection such as ping >

is a blogging platform outside the chain. The chain blog as a chain way compared to the original, accompanied by a variety of blog chain group tools, slowly toward the end. But the blog platform is not a vegetarian. Take a lot of mechanisms to curb this behavior, the blog group software now has no original so crazy. But some large blogs such as Sina, NetEase, and so included are considerable. Here I suggest that you also set their hands tired related resources. After all, this era is the era of resources. If you do not have the resources is very difficult to do this one.

two Links exchange platform. This kind of platform can increase the chain of our website. Can also increase the exposure of our website. Moreover, after the information out, people can contact you to stay for your site and link. It is a very good method to release the chain. The representative of the site such as GO9GO.

either as a novice or for a period of time engaged in website optimization practitioners. The chain is one of the stones of each heart, a lot of people out of breath. Today, I will analyze what are the embodiment of the chain.


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