Remember the first time Shanghai anti love alliance action

medical PPC friends have the same feeling, malicious clicks, some columns were gone love Shanghai bidding.

because some owners also rely on the survival, suggest that high profit target, the enterprise station medical diet.

from the commander of the answer:

open computer, one thousand words omitted, log QQ, found in dozens of webmaster group are also on a topic:

Shanghai and the webmaster should feel love with win-win cooperation "


YY quickly open dry: 91629160 night 8 pm set everyone notice! The United Front, uniform point of explosion, explosion of people consulting

also here is from the wartime command [- YY] united front channel news, there are a lot of stationmaster the courage to speak, with record several main points:

B: This is love with Shanghai to ah. The medical treatment is too much, do not vote. So, love Shanghai to earn less. Because of the recent fall in love with the sea K station is too much.

from the group figures should radiation thousands of people browse to this information, check the website like me intoxicated guess, login QQ, received information should be a lot of bitter youth. I know these days in the Q group and forum pass [small owners and love Shanghai war news] more sublimation. With several friends to talk about this thing, first find a few friends to do medical bidding, when it comes to this topic, they are very sensitive, said recently the malicious click very much. Here are a few friends said:


webmaster suggestions: to do the overall control click, click ads, try to avoid error click.

Back home after work, with

said that today is the first time, the preparation is not very comprehensive. It is suggested that the joint media, authorities to solve, in order to expand the influence to win the right to speak. The point above a starting point of anti love Shanghai Alliance Party command.

A: the webmaster is clever, Shanghai is not out of love ah, a loss that is no way ah, really no time to suspend for a period of time to promote

record today thousands of webmaster love Shanghai cluster click ads,


this command, after strict screening, according to different regions selected advertisement title, URL, click to determine the target. In addition, our starting point is not the cause of panic, just want to find a platform for dialogue and love of Shanghai, in the overall process, we have asked every webmaster to click on ads from the advertising station must be in contact with each other, with each other that we are from Shanghai [anti love union personnel, invite your station we support, for the benefit of all suspended for a week on the love of Shanghai] if advertisers bidding, then temporarily stopped running, then we won’t click on the ad.

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