Different sites with different Shanghai Longfeng thinking

above is from the website optimization marketing, as a Shanghai dragon er not only consider these. Shanghai Longfeng staff of a website should also consider the site user experience. For example, a picture station must be done very gorgeous?’. Although the website is very nice to do can win a lot of users eyeball, but a very simple design of the website doesn’t have to lose. The key is whether the site inside provides the user required content, this is the most important. As long as the content is good enough, the website design is simple and will not let users have too much experience. But the problem is, but many optimization personnel entangled in website design, website that do not, if the user does not come will turn off the revised website. Although sometimes website design will affect the user experience, but not seriously affect the user experience, we should start with the content of the website and how to strengthen the external drainage from the start. Through a period of data analysis, to cause the user experience to improve it.

The Shanghai dragon >

overall, many methods of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng steps will It differs from man to man. However, even with the same method, each step will be different. This is different, due to the different ways of thinking. Often heard master introduce door, rely on their own practice, in fact, that is the truth. More ways of thinking in practice need to sum up, continue to improve in the summary.

as an optimization of the marketing personnel, the hand may have many sites need to do. If the experience is not enough rich, no matter what sites use the same way to do, the effect is certainly a gap. Why? A corporate website and a business website is certainly not to take the same way to optimize marketing; even the corporate Web site, but also in accordance with the type of division. For example, we do website optimization, web promotion website, then we will first go through Shanghai dragon ranking way, let the website keyword search results is better, so the user will believe that the strength of enterprises. If your web site are not ranked or highly ranked on the list, say it can help users to do rankings, who would believe it? Again, a web site to sell adult diapers, he may bring the sales site is concerned, the keywords ranking is not the user’s attention, it is not necessary to do. But from what website can rapid drainage to start the enterprise website, then consider search marketing. Don’t look at this little difference, the different ways of thinking, the effect is different to other.

The analysis method of

said the Shanghai dragon thinking, we all know, but really good Shanghai dragon thinking person but not a lot of. Many times we also entangled in no good way of thinking, in fact, is to hold a certain format. Because every day thinking about how to change the Shanghai dragon thinking, while ignoring the need to optimize the site itself, I am afraid this is a common mistake.

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