The old domain in the medical website optimization really do have a role

because these do not dump the old domain what ranking or flow, just keep playing, so never optimized, have no time to do optimization. The station had included over yuan, also experienced by K home page ZhengZhan even by K’s tragedy, but has not shut down any one station. The station gives me more experience is proved some general rules:

peak has reached over 10000 included.


two: the importance of persistence, can imagine, these have a little history of long-term collection and maintenance station, there will still be collected and updated snapshot, at least proved the importance of persistence, although this result because the content of garbage is lost more than half.

old domain name in the end there is no use to talk about the problem is an old growth, there are pros and cons. This is actually a simple practice will have the answer.

of course, this does not mean that the old domain name do stand will be successful, the detailed summary of the future articles will continue to analysis.

is below the current usage in the medical industry to summarize the old domain. In fact, from the first entered the medical industry promotion, except for the hospital name protection must be registered the domain name, the rest of the station especially optimization station I use more old domain name do stand, the first is the aforementioned cost is not high; the second is the old name really good. Because early do the old domain hospital station no screenshots, said effect wucongkaozheng. Screenshot two last month this month old domain name registration, ranking gradually advancing.

have no effect? ;

, content is king, even the old domain, long-term acquisition and maintenance, and also does not work, out of the mix always has

old domain name so roughly divided two kinds, one is from the registration date has been renew real old domain name, the domain name is generally expensive, especially more than 10 years; two is the initial registration expires earlier, was registered by the domain name, domain name registered by the old cost is not high, such as 22 to grab a 70 note A5 yuan, domain name trading area general goods with cybersquatting with record number, but also a lot of seventy or eighty dollars. Of course, the best products, or residual chain except extreme overbearing. The network describes the old domain benefits but there are so few, the domain name history old love Shanghai included early, there are also some weight, with a large number of the chain, then these so-called benefits in the end of the old domain name to do the new

is not in love with "brothers

has been one of the best on page third.

two domain names are registered last month.

a few years ago I just entered the network or white, with a domain name, but mostly for the tuition fee. But it also saved some old domain and made a number of stations. In recent years, because of work reasons, I made the station have become station group software maintenance station and at least two and a half years. Here are some of these old garbage station today included a screenshot of the domain name:

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