Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization should avoid these two mistakes

you know, love Shanghai pays great attention to the website authority, that is to say, the more authoritative website, more easy to get keywords ranking, this is the consensus. So, why are there so many people have in the fight against the Shanghai dragon, with so many authoritative websites, and there is still a chance? In addition to unremittingly efforts to make their website more authoritative, the possibility of opportunities exist where is


two, Jianwai chain anchor link

keyword ranking things!

chance, when I check the site outside the chain, left found previously in the A5 published the article "small website profit information product evaluation model" is part of the cervical vertebra health supplies chain text. It is foreseeable that this article is not only by the chain, gained the love of Shanghai Pro gaze, and text but collocation anchor link chain, and finally let love Shanghai trust this column and give a ranking. But, as we all know, love Overseas chain found is the pure text outside the chain, it is enough to love Shanghai for text value chain.

from the opposite side to prove the optimization, keywords, website more often than the column page to column page article pages more often than easy. So, especially when we are still small website, once a keyword is column page or web page in the front row, don’t hope to take a page to fight, even if the word index is very low. Because of you, usually for this keyword in the number of the chain, row up the chance is very small. Of course, if the row in front of the article page, then you according to your article page, dedicated for the chain, have a great chance to row up.

Although column

in fact, the more the big site, the less likely. So, after Sina, Sohu and other portals, with 39 healthy, with Youku Video etc.. That is to say, we can through the small website, use website to segment, and portal station channel confrontation with columns to the page with portal access against keyword ranking.

onlyThe author This

said that Shanghai dragon is very simple, eight words: content is king, the chain for the emperor. Is the core reason Shanghai dragon really so simple. Whenever you are, to win in the details, and today we want to talk about the details, is two little-known Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, especially love optimization in Shanghai. Understand and avoid these two mistakes, perhaps can let you Shanghai Longfeng work more effective, so you win in the details —


, a page against the website or

e different, cervical spondylosis, after 3 months of effort, has finally had a lot of keywords ranking. But I remain perplexed despite much thought is just the cervical column page health products won the "health cervical pillow" ranking, and other columns such as "the prevention of cervical spondylosis" than "cervical health care pillow" index words failed to get low ranking. Because of the author for the chain, each column is almost even keeled.

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